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Unsocial Animals

Willy, an Orca, was held captive and was forced to entertain people. Killer Whales, belonging to the oceanic Dolphin family, usually stay in a group. Willy’s fate changed all of a sudden, after it was trapped by some hunters. Later, it became strenuous for the Killer Whale to entertain people on a regular basis. During its captivity, Willy became a friend of Jesse, a boy who realised the whale’s pain. Jesse and his friends planned to release Willy in the ocean. Finally, they helped Willy enjoy freedom, once again! The Hollywood movie, Free Willy, was released on July 16, 1993. It’s story was all about a little boy’s fight for the release of an animal!
Chillar Party is an Indian movie that was released in 2011. In this film, the children of a society made friends with an orphan and his dog ‘Bhidu‘. However, a scheming politician planned to get rid of stray dogs, making it difficult for Bhidu to stay in the society. Then, all the children came up with a plan to save their four-legged friend…

Free Willy.jpg
Free Willy

There are so many examples of expression of love or kindness to animals. In reality, the opposite trend happens in India. A dolphin recently entered into a canal in eastern Indian province of West Bengal. As the dolphin found no Jesse near the canal, it failed to return to the sea. The local people reportedly started shouting after discovering the animal in the canal, as they were keen to click selfies with it. The constant ensuing tumult there saw that the dolphin get confused and perished in the canal. In the past, the Indian villagers had killed different species of snakes, bears, even elephants, leopards and tigers after spotting those animals in their localities. Instead of informing the Forest Department officials, they claimed some innocent lives, and then clicked selfies with the dead animals…
Kollol Jana, a college student, has expressed serious concern over such untoward incidents, and violent and criminal acts… Jana, who believes that there is no bravery in clicking pictures with slain animals, said that common people should be sensitive towards wild animals. According to the student, human beings prompt animals to enter into residential areas by destroying jungles. It is important to save them, he added.

The Dolphin in India

Sumita Giri, another student, stressed that killing animals would certainly destroy the ecosystem. She urged the concerned authorities to sensitise people about wildlife conservation, stating that human beings should not disturb animals. It is their duty to rescue wild animals with the help of Forest Department and to ensure their safe passage to jungles!


Meanwhile, a Forest Department official has admitted that the number of animal lovers is steadily decreasing in India. The official, who wished to remain anonymous, also said that Jana and Giri are sensitive people. He is of the opinion that the majority of people feel proud to click pictures with slain animals. Later, they post those photos on the social media.
It seems that the Indians have become unsocial animals…

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