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Category: Humanity

Admitting Role & Responsibility…

Time and again, France has admitted its mistakes at the global stage, thus, showcasing its rich Democratic Culture. Paris has done the same, yet again! President Emmanuel Macron recently sought […]

Pandemic, People & Politics…

No one can possibly learn History entirely by heart, but History does teach human beings more than a thing or two. Pandemics had torn apart family bonds in the past, […]

Love Wins

The progressive Catholic Priests in Germany have started blessing same-sex couples, defying a Vatican ban on such marriage! Earlier in March, the Vatican’s Doctrinal Office issued a statement, advising the […]

Livelihood In Pieces!

Memories of the plight of migrant workers, after the first wave of COVID-19 Pandemic rocked India in 2020, are etched in the minds of nearly 1,400,000,000 people of this country, […]

Bringing Cheer To Children…

The children in Mand – a small town in southern Balochistan bordering Iran, an impoverished rural area of Pakistan – wait eagerly for Roshan, everyday! Roshan, saddle panniers hang low […]

Pride Crushed

An Underprepared India Is Teetering Under COVID-19 Second Wave Having withstood the first wave of the COVID-19 attack in 2020 rather commendably, the Narendra Modi Administration in India declared “victory” […]

War, Withdrawal & The Women

Dark clouds of danger gather in Afghanistan, with the US planning to withdraw its troops from the war-ravaged South Asian Nation. According to a recent US Intelligence Report, the way […]

More About Life Than Death…

Abdel Latif al-Salim breathed his last at a hospital in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The old man’s last wish was to be buried in the family plot in their […]

A Different Mindset?

Bengalis as a community, especially the ones living in the eastern Indian Province of West Bengal, are quite tolerant in nature. History has witnessed that Bengalis do not change their […]