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Category: Europe

On Geopolitical Developments In Eurasia

Belarus, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Kazakhstan are going through crises, restructuring the regional geopolitics. In an article published in The Indian Express daily on January 11, 2022, the visiting Research […]

Hoping To Unravel Secrets

There are 1,284 naturally mummified and partially skeletonised bodies stacked along its crypts and chambers dating as far back as the 1590. Mummies of 163 children have also been found […]

Uniting In Rare Anti-Nuclear Message

Five World Powers – China, Russia, Britain, France and the US – have issued a joint statement on Nuclear Power and Arms Race in the first week of January 2022, […]

On The Devil’s Violinist

Niccolò Paganini (October 27, 1782 – May 27, 1840), the most celebrated Italian violin virtuoso of his time, left his mark as one of the pillars of modern violin technique. […]

Space Age In UK

England and Scotland have decided to increase their reliance on rockets, in order to boost their respective states of economy. A few small British islands may also join the venture […]

Conclusion Arrived At

Most of the time, people have faced the age-old twisted query: Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Interactions, even to the tune of heated, on this issue have […]

Modernity Meets History

The ancient Italian city of Rome recently connected Space with Mother Earth, as the International Space Station (ISS), while orbiting the Earth, clicked the image of the Colosseum that bears […]

Embracing The Appeal Of Fantasy?

Last summer, a political commentator stated that the Prime Minister’s “mission is to restore the nation’s faith in itself, to battle the ‘effete and desiccated and hopeless‘ defeatism” He added […]