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Category: Women

Lonely People In The Lonely Planet

The Police have recovered a three-day-old rotten cadaver of an old lady from the hall room of a building in eastern Indian city of Kolkata. Before this, the Police recovered […]


The British Police have sparked a controversy by announcing that female suspects could be strip-searched by transgender Police officers! The British Police recently issued new guidelines according to which the […]

Patriarchal… Unnecessarily

At a time when the Russian invasion of Ukraine attracts the global attention, Japan has triggered a controversy by introducing a rule that is extremely conservative and reactionary by nature. […]

When She Fell From The Sky…

What to do in a nightmarish situation that turns into a cliffhanger of sorts… would that person make an attempt to survive, or just give up? A teenage German girl […]

Not Too Far From The Amazon

There are beautiful girls, who are eager to get married… however, hardly a groom is available for them! Hence, the young girls remain unmarried. Although it is hard to believe, […]

Empowered By Her ‘Occupation’

It has been heard that the Taliban, after their return to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, asked women and girls to cover their whole bodies at public places. However, […]

On The Frontline Of Climate Change

The world, it can be stated with a straight face, has stopped receiving the new generation with a warm welcome. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, a bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal, recently […]

A ‘Truth’ Revealed!

It has been brought to notice that around 78 statues have been there for years near a huge square in the heart of an ancient and historic city of northern […]