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Category: Nature

Foul Play Ruled Out By Authorities

A lady had come across an amputated leg in the bushes while walking on a beach in Vancouver in 1887. As the foot was carefully kept inside a boot, the […]

A Planet Under Severe Pressure!

Earth, the habitable bluish green planet, will be alien to the Human Civilisation in 400 years. The Earth will no longer be habitable as a result of rapid Climate Change. […]

What’s Ahead?

A Report, titled Code Red for Humanity, has sent a clear message of danger to mankind. Still, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison does not want to give much importance to […]

A Huge Potential

After triggering of a Global Humanitarian Crisis, there has been a renewed focus on whether Afghanistan can regain its economic strength with a substantial amount of hidden treasure! However, the […]

An Act Of Nuclear Terrorism?

The Government of Japan has decided to start releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean in two years. The entire procedure involved […]

A Lesser Known Royal Fact…

A question often plagues people, as to why did British hunter, tracker, naturalist and author Edward James Corbett (July 25, 1875 – April 19, 1955), known to the world as […]

Future Shocks?

The coastal cities in North America and north-western Europe will be under the Atlantic Ocean in the next 80 years, while heat waves and cyclones will become even more devastating! […]

Another Geological Phenomenon

An inanimate gigantic figure, which has begun to raise its head from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, could change the geography of Africa, Europe and two Americas in future. […]

The Mountain Building Phase!

The latest joint survey by China and Nepal has revealed that the Mount Everest is about 3ft higher than the most commonly accepted figure for its height! However, going by […]