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Category: Nature

On Petrology

The most important Australian cities are situated in the eastern part of the country. The spectators, who watch the game of cricket sitting inside beautiful stadia in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra […]

Sand & Sustainability

The world is about to face another crisis. The UN has warned the global community to save sand, saying that there would be acute shortage of sand in near future. […]

On The Might Of Solar Power

It seems that seas and oceans may be saved from the pollution of crude oil, leaking from the ships, et al.. Perhaps, the marine lives, coastal lives, environment and marine […]

Subsidising Our Own Extinction

The Human Civilisation has become desperate for self-destruction and extinction, instead of survival. The International Community has increased the expenditure in order to bring Doomsday closer. Millions of dollars have […]

Supermountains & The Evolution Boon…

The Himalayas cover a large part of Asia, as the range has some of the planet’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. Over 100 peaks, exceeding 7,200mt (or 23,600ft) […]

Not To Be Scaled By ‘Mortals’

It is a common belief among the practicing Hindus that Lord Shiva, the Great God of Death and Time and one of the principal deities worshipped in Hinduism, lives on […]

Heading Towards The ‘Sixth’

Putting an end to all speculation, the Sixth Mass Extinction has already begun on the Earth. A study, published in Biological Reviews – a journal covering categories related to Agricultural […]

Expediting The End Of Life

Well, it is still not the time to bawl that the doomsday is fast approaching, as the core of the Earth is cooling down rapidly. A 2013 projection by Andrew […]

Treatise On Prehistoric Engineers

Human Beings started constructing and using underground tunnels many years ago. However, a discovery, and recent related discourses on the same in Brazil have revealed that other species, too, had […]