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Category: Nature

A Lesser Known Royal Fact…

A question often plagues people, as to why did British hunter, tracker, naturalist and author Edward James Corbett (July 25, 1875 – April 19, 1955), known to the world as […]

Future Shocks?

The coastal cities in North America and north-western Europe will be under the Atlantic Ocean in the next 80 years, while heat waves and cyclones will become even more devastating! […]

Another Geological Phenomenon

An inanimate gigantic figure, which has begun to raise its head from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, could change the geography of Africa, Europe and two Americas in future. […]

The Mountain Building Phase!

The latest joint survey by China and Nepal has revealed that the Mount Everest is about 3ft higher than the most commonly accepted figure for its height! However, going by […]

Life From The Ice Age…

Well, Researchers have managed to grow a plant from 32,000-year-old seeds, thus, breaking the previous record of antiquity! Earlier, the oldest seed from which a tree was born was 30,000 […]

Oddly… Alive!

A climber got awake 45 minutes after his heart stopped beating! Well, this miracle took place in the US on November 7. Forty-five-year-old Michael Knapinski was found frozen in Mount […]

The Spinal Chord!

There is a shortage of the proper spine… It is not a joke spread through the Social Media, but a fact! In their Living Planet Report 2020, the WWF International […]

Desire Of The Other Sort

There often lies a notion that the sexual desire in case of women tends to decrease with their age. However, that is not entirely correct! After carrying out a survey […]

A ‘Fishy’ Affair!

As per the UN data, the COVID-19 Pandemic has, so far, claimed more than a million lives. However, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – the Director General of World Health Organisation […]