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Month: November 2019

Latin America: Big Brother’s Own Courtyard

Sadly, India is now experiencing how a positive (political and economic) atmosphere can be made negative. The Indians possibly realise that there is a conscious and deliberate attempt behind this. […]

The Issue: A Piece Of Clothing…

The Turkish women have now realised that one piece of clothing can easily turn into a political issue! Wearing hijabs or headscarves is a common custom for the women in […]

Rejection: A Form Of Rebellion!

Volker Schlöndorff, the 80-year-old young German filmmaker, recently visited the eastern Indian city of Kolkata to attend an International Film Festival. During his stay at the ‘City of Joy‘, Schlöndorff […]

The Society & Status Of Women!

A woman’s life tends to depend on the structure and nature of a Society from her very birth. The society has tried its best to empower women, as well as […]

With Due Apologies…

Ahead of the December 12 Parliamentary Elections, the Labour Party has announced that it will discuss the role of former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in the Great Famine of […]

Dwellings Higher Than Machu Picchu

Remains of an ancient city, situated 1,500mt higher than Machu Picchu, have been discovered on the top of the Andes Mountains in Peru! Archaeologists Thomas Hardy and Adan Choqque Arce, […]


A team of researchers have come across huge footprints, now buried under the ground, in New Mexico (the US) with the help of a special radar. After analysing those footprints, […]

Being Secular: To Stay Cooler…

Pakistan has been all set to set an example of (religious) tolerance in a highly intolerant world. The Islamic Republic recently announced that it would restore nearly 400 Hindu temples […]

From The Desk Of Disinformation Watchdog!

The Opposition parties in India had strongly criticised the Narendra Modi Government in New Delhi for allowing a European Union (EU) delegation to visit northern province of Kashmir in the […]