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Category: Environment

A Planet Under Severe Pressure!

Earth, the habitable bluish green planet, will be alien to the Human Civilisation in 400 years. The Earth will no longer be habitable as a result of rapid Climate Change. […]

Climate Crisis & Tokophobia

It has become increasingly difficult to raise children mainly because of the poisoned environment of present days. As the future is not bright for the children, many young people have […]

Snippets That Talk Of Hope!

Soon after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15 (2021), the Internet was flooded with images and videos of continuous gunfire outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in […]

What’s Ahead?

A Report, titled Code Red for Humanity, has sent a clear message of danger to mankind. Still, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison does not want to give much importance to […]

A Huge Potential

After triggering of a Global Humanitarian Crisis, there has been a renewed focus on whether Afghanistan can regain its economic strength with a substantial amount of hidden treasure! However, the […]

Nature’s Wrath?

The vast coastal area of Greece and Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea, which divides the two countries, is on fire! The wildfires have killed at least six people in Turkey […]

A Green Deal & A Proposed Action

The 27 member-countries of the European Union (EU) have vowed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by the end of 2030. The main objective of such a move […]

History Updated?

Well… the Neanderthals are not the original ancestors of Modern Humans or Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Remains of a previously unknown type of ancient human has recently been discovered at a […]

It’s Real In Israel…

At a time when the entire world is struggling to tackle the second wave of COVID-19, Israel has tasted success in its war against the Pandemic! The Jewish Nation recently […]