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Category: Environment

It’s Real In Israel…

At a time when the entire world is struggling to tackle the second wave of COVID-19, Israel has tasted success in its war against the Pandemic! The Jewish Nation recently […]

An Act Of Nuclear Terrorism?

The Government of Japan has decided to start releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean in two years. The entire procedure involved […]

A Lesser Known Royal Fact…

A question often plagues people, as to why did British hunter, tracker, naturalist and author Edward James Corbett (July 25, 1875 – April 19, 1955), known to the world as […]

‘No One Can Stop Africa’

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has claimed in a press release that a consensus was reached at the March 31 IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit on “accelerating clean energy transitions” is […]

Future Shocks?

The coastal cities in North America and north-western Europe will be under the Atlantic Ocean in the next 80 years, while heat waves and cyclones will become even more devastating! […]


A new form of Malaria, the infectious disease that is endemic to Sub Saharan Africa and in parts of South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific, and the Americas, has started […]

From The Mesozoic Era…

A four-year-old girl has helped the scientists reveal a lot of new information about dinosaurs in Australia! In January, Lily Wilder discovered a dinosaur-footprint on a beach near Barry in […]

A Factor Ignored In History, Till Date…

Scientists want Historians to rewrite the history of Central Asia, the Mongols, and also the history of Genghis Khan, the founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire that […]

Trial, Fission, Fusion & Conclusion

A sort of monomania, powered by megalomania, had seemingly influenced the two Superpowers in the middle of the 20th Century, as the US and the erstwhile Soviet Union were locked […]