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Category: Social media

Quasi-Truth Versus Reality!

Once again, the Supreme Court (SC) of India has reminded the State that Freedom of Speech cannot be curbed by filing criminal cases against a person! Dismissing charges against Editor […]

To Put Reins On The Reign…

A couple of days after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison dialled his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to discuss various ways to curtail the freedom of the Social Media, the Indian […]


A debate often tends to surface these days, as to who wields more Power and Privileges – the State (Actor) or the big Technology Companies (Non-State Actors)? The recent conflict […]

Double Entendre?

Bad money drives out the good from the market… it is called Gresham’s Law… in other words, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation that are accepted […]

Media Of Expression

It was once when the pen of a journalist had the reputation of being more powerful than a sword! Powerful people used to rely upon soldiers in the hope of […]


The Social Media form a very strong platform of human communication that can change the entire contexts radically. It seems that Human Beings were waiting for the Social Media with […]

Online Availability!

The US had spent a large amount of dollars to catch him… however, he is available online for just USD 20! Well, Saddam Hussein – the former President of Iraq […]

Another Side Of Media!

A survey seemingly showcased the dark side of the Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter, in 2019. Nearly 61% of people, who were surveyed, were of the opinion that the […]