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Category: Violence

Airing Objections

Well, people may say that there were 30 women in all, and those many women recently shook the Afghan capital of Kabul, by holding a rally near a local Mosque! […]

Buried Under A Statue

A 130-year-old square-shaped medium size box, made of copper, has triggered a sensation in Virginia, the US. Virginia Governor Ralph Shearer Northam has twittered that the copper box is no […]

Dismantled & Disbanded!

The famous sculpture, called the Pillar of Shame, was there in the campus of the University of Hong Kong for more than two decades. The 26ft-tall sculpture made of bronze, […]

Reopened, With A Depleted Collection!

Since coming to Power in August 2021, the Taliban have decided to showcase the rich history of Afghanistan, allowing the National Museum to reopen. The Taliban fighters, who had destroyed […]

Wary & Worried West

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently announced that his country was ready to retaliate, if Russia declared war. President Zelensky issued the statement in the wake of tensions surrounding the deployment […]

Left For A Safe Haven?

It has been for quite some time that the Global Community forgot Sharbat Gula (b. March 20, 1972), the green-eyed Afghan girl whose 1985 cover photo in National Geographic magazine […]

She Questioned Everything

Communism, it seems, has become irrelevant in Indian Politics in the last decade mainly because of activities of the Communist Parties, who have committed a number of mistakes (since the […]

Finding A Common Ground

The 18th Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China, popularly known as the RIC Cooperation Organisation, was held online on November 26, and concluded with a lengthy […]

Walled In From Different Sides

Many Afghan Army officers had received training from the Officers Training Academy (OTA), situated in the southern Indian city of Chennai. OTA is a training establishment of the Indian Army […]