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The ‘Special’ Ones!

A teenage girl was seen dancing on a beach just before the sunset, while her mother kept on looking at her with fascinated eyes. Suddenly, an army helicopter appeared in the sky near the beach that lay next to a busy 21st Century city. The 15-year-old girl kept on dancing on the beach, as the helicopter left the area after patrolling there for a few minutes. A tourist from India experienced these all in Tel Aviv, a couple of years ago!

Sea beach, Tel Aviv

Israel is situated on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. From the prehistoric times, this piece of land has been accommodating war-torn refugees. Some Bigwigs created the State of Israel for Chosen People after the Second World War. Since its birth on May 14, 1948, Israel has remained confused by the waste of old Asian and European ideas, and also by the tug of war between new ideas.

Israel has always been the centre of civilisation, as people live there with contradictions and differences of thoughts, various doctrines, possibilities and limitations, pride, pain, faith and disbelief. The Israeli people fought against the Arabs to protect their rich culture and tradition. The coexistence of modernity and liberal attitude in Israel stuns the global community. Just a few days ago, people from different parts of the world, having an unimaginably contradictory past, arrived in the West Asian nation. They have experienced life and death in a different manner. However, the painful experience prompted them to leave their lands and to seek refuge in Israel.

The Israelis are argumentative in nature, as they do not want to stop while talking. Often, their ego eclipses their talent. One can easily get an idea about their argumentative nature from Israeli newspapers. Articles on the Palestinians are constantly being published in various papers. However, they analyse the Palestine issue from a completely different angle. In recent times, the Right-wing Politics has started gaining ground in Israel, like other countries in the world. The Labour Party, once the largest party of the country, now receives only 6% of votes. Yitzhak Rabin, the fifth Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated on November 4, 1995 after signing the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians in order to strengthen peace efforts. Since then, the Labour Party has been struggling a lot to survive. With the Labour Party going through a crisis, the Right-wing Zionists are dominating the Israeli politics.


People have been facing a lot of difficulties in this barren land for ages. The fight for acquiring land is going on, too. The Jews have a long history of being oppressed and downtrodden, especially in Europe, Russia, Turkey and Egypt, for the last 2000 years. The Holocaust, which claimed lives of a total of six million Jews in Europe, was an extreme consequence of the long hatred in this loveless world.

In Jerusalem, the Indian tourist saw a middle-aged Englishman constantly spreading the poison of anti-Semitism. He remembered Harper Lee‘s ground-breaking 1960 novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird‘. In this novel, the author made an attempt to find why Europeans were anti-Semitic, as well as racist. In fact, majority of the people are hostile to religious or ethnic minorities in their respective countries. Of course, religion did not unite the Jews, nor did anyone. That’s why so many different thoughts exist in Israel even today. At the same time, there is no end to their possibilities. Once upon a time, people, who gathered in Israel from different parts of the globe, had no common language for communicating among themselves… it was later when they learnt Hebrew, the ancient forgotten language. Now, the Israelis write stories, songs, and do research work on the latest technology in that language.

The fancy thoughts of the Israelis can stun anyone. No one knows for sure how many copies of books, penned by Yuval Noah Harari, have been sold, or how David Emil Reich has inspired many to know about population genetics of ancient humans. Of course, their out of ordinary knowledge seems to have a negative impact on the psyche of the Israeli society. It has become increasingly difficult for the Israelis to be normal. There is even no Christmas holiday in Israel, as they have always tried to deny the existence of Jesus Christ. Perhaps, the Israeli society has failed to get out of the deep darkness of long suffering. Hence, Doubt has become their only companion.

It is expected that a group of refugees can easily feel the pain of other such groups. However, the Israelis have failed to feel the pain of others, and this is the cruel irony of history. Half a century later, the people of Israel are trying to deny the truth. However, their society is yet to forget the real history. The Israelis should respect the Palestinians, else history shall never forgive them. Small Arab traders, with their baskets, still sit on either side of the Via Dolorosa. And, foreign tourists secretly laugh when they see the Israelis glorifying Jewish History in Masada.

Via Dolorosa, or ‘Way of Suffering‘, a processional route in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Israelis still plan to enjoy power in Jerusalem, by negotiating with the two most Far-right opposition groups (Naftali Bennett‘s Yamina Party and the Arab Islamist Ra’am Party). The world has changed in the last five decades, but it seems that only the Israelis are not aware of that.

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