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Category: Middle East

The ‘Executing’

Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of 81 people in a single day on March 12, 2022. It is the largest known mass execution in the West Asian country’s […]

New Payment System To Counter US Hegemony!

India May Be Mulling a Ruble-Rupee Payment System for Trade with Russia India is in intensive discussion through an Intergovernmental Panel of leading ministries and Indian banking circles to work […]

Impact Of Misconceptions

As Russia launched military operations in Ukraine on February 24 (2022), the Global Community is trying to understand what the US and the European Union (EU) missed in their approach […]

Breathing Fire!

The Arab Armies had besieged Constantinople in the 7th Century, but failed to capture the capital of the Byzantine Empire, as the Greeks had Liquid Fire in their arsenal! It […]

Combatting Terrorism Only?

The Government in India, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had refused to explain to the Parliament and the Supreme Court (SC, the Apex Court of India) as to why […]

On Decades-Old Links & Mossad Action

The Swiss media recently reported that the Swiss and German companies had aided Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Programme in the 1980s, triggering tension with Mossad, the National Intelligence Agency of Israel. […]

Politics Of The Pipeline?

While some of Afghanistan’s neighbours, such as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, have agreed to live with the Taliban as long as the Islamist group does not derail energy and infrastructure projects […]