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Category: Civilization

The 4 Pillars & The Cumulative Weight!

The Global Community has been worried about the COVID-19 Pandemic as the virus has claimed nearly 4,603,811 lives (till September 8, 2021), worldwide, since December 2019. The Pandemic has also […]

On Hegemonic Stability Theory…

Charles Poor ‘Charlie’ Kindleberger (October 12, 1910 – July 7, 2003), an American Economic Historian, once said that it was necessary to establish a Hegemonic Regime in order to maintain […]

On The Imperial Inca Rite…

Inca, the Largest Empire of the 15th Century, was a mixture of technological advancement and aristocracy. The Inca Empire was spread over an area of about 5,000km, from Ecuador to […]


The Colonial Origins Of Sexuality In Sanskrit, the word ‘Rand’ means a person incapable of producing children. The feminine gender of the word is ‘Randa‘, which means Infertile. Over time, […]

A Ticking Time-Bomb

Mitholz or Blausee-Mitholz is a village in Kandergrund Municipality in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The small village is full of natural beauty, as it is surrounded by mountains. […]

Just Another Arena?

The Olympic Games are considered as the Greatest Show on Earth. However, it may be said that this leading International Sporting Event, somehow, turned into a platform to exhibit political […]

An Asian Experience!

This is not for the first time that the nouvelle Coronavirus has wrecked havoc in the world. A similar deadly virus, seemingly, had an impact (that is somewhat similar) on […]

Uncovered: A Roman Millstone

An 11-inch-long Roman stone-carved penis has recently been unearthed in Yorkshire, Britain during an archaeological dig. The artefact has stunned the Global Community, as the phallus – complete with impressive […]

Isolated & Lonely

Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan and some other countries have shown the true spirit of Democracy during the time of Pandemic, as they have activated the Ministry of Loneliness in order […]