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Month: April 2022

An Alien Impregnation

Well, the girls have started attracting aliens with their beauty, and even seemingly enjoying physical relations with extra-terrestrial creatures! According to a Pentagon report, a lady recently claimed that she […]

Restoration Of Treasures

The people of Iraq still remember the day… April 9, 2003! On that day, the last staff at the Iraq Museum in Baghdad left the building. Before leaving the museum, […]

A Cryptic Issue

India has imposed income tax on transactions through private digital currency or cryptocurrency in the budget for 2022-23 financial year, apart from introducing Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) to collect […]

The ‘Executing’

Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of 81 people in a single day on March 12, 2022. It is the largest known mass execution in the West Asian country’s […]

A Diplomatic Tightrope Walk

Eventually, Indian diplomacy has tasted success under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Otherwise, the dominance of politics has side-lined the economy, as well as diplomacy, during his regime. […]

An Open Letter To German Chancellor

An Open Letter To German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Replace Logic Of War By Logic Of Peace! Academicians, artists and media persons appeal to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz not to deliver […]

Lonely People In The Lonely Planet

The Police have recovered a three-day-old rotten cadaver of an old lady from the hall room of a building in eastern Indian city of Kolkata. Before this, the Police recovered […]

His ‘Signature’

The name of this year’s winner of Pritzker Architecture Prize, the profession’s highest honour, has recently been announced. Diébédo Francis Kéré has created history, as the 57-year-old becomes the first […]


The British Police have sparked a controversy by announcing that female suspects could be strip-searched by transgender Police officers! The British Police recently issued new guidelines according to which the […]