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Category: Holocaust

A Genuine Comparison?

Adolf Hitler, as it is known, had shot himself in the head inside the Führerbunker (Führer’s shelter) located near the Reich Chancellery, when Soviet troops reached there on April 30, […]

Gold In The Salt Mine

The salt mine had remained abandoned for quite some time, and a treasure trove of gold and jewels was there in one of the specially made secret vaults in that […]

Tags Tell The Tale

Deddie Zak, Annie Kapper, David Van Der Velde and Lea Judith De La Penha are the names of four of those 0.25 million children, whose bodies have not been recovered […]

The Suspect

It has often been mentioned that the teenager used to write letters to a character of her favourite novel on a regular basis, after receiving a diary as a gift […]

From US To India Via Germany

It was seen that Germany introduced a rule in August 1939. The Nazi Administration asked parents to register the names of their children – under the age of three, who […]

‘Why Do We Deserve This?’

Her residence in Gaza has been reduced to rubble by Israeli airstrikes. The 10-year-old girl has experienced the death of some of her family members and neighbours. As the little […]

Persistence Of Memory

Seven decades after becoming an Independent Nation, India is still facing the same old issue: whether Citizenship will be determined on the basis of Faith! The publication, Displacement and Citizenship: […]

A Stoker Metamorphosed!

He used to relish the company of Depression since childhood, as if it were his only friend! He even armed himself up with a weapon to overcome the depression… it […]

Atrocities At Alderney

The Nazi German forces had occupied some parts of Channel Islands, a group of British dependency islands in the English Channel off the coast of France, in 1940. Having done […]