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Category: Migrant

Opening Old Wounds…

At a time when protests (more than a few of them violent) have broken out across India against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 or CAA, the Narendra Modi Government in […]

Might Of The Right

Although the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has won the Parliamentary Elections held on November 10, the rise of Far Right Vox Party has stolen the […]

Another Bitter Tale

He would never forget those days… he had to leave his friends and music band in Poland for England! “I could not speak a single English word,” said Paweł Aleksander […]

She Is Still Alive!

Dead bodies are seen lying on both sides of the road… some hearses have been roaming on the streets since morning, but it becomes difficult for them to clear the […]

History, Ethnicity & Migration…

One side of the skull was damaged, while the other side had been sharpened. There are three such skulls… and, here lies the Secret! Experts believe that the 1600-year-old pointy […]

Art Taking Refuge To Boxes

Quite a few box-shaped rooms… or rooms inside boxes… this may remind us of the song ‘Little Boxes’… but, these boxes are not like them! Even, the shapes of all […]

Badinage… Do You Mind?

The image went viral a fortnight back… the bodies of a father and his daughter lying face down in the murky waters… the father-daughter duo from El Salvador was on […]

Crossing The Border…

The tragic snapshot of a father, lying dead with his daughter, sadly reminds the Global Community of the image of Alan Kurdi… Kurdi was a three-year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish […]