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The 4 Pillars & The Cumulative Weight!

The Global Community has been worried about the COVID-19 Pandemic as the virus has claimed nearly 4,603,811 lives (till September 8, 2021), worldwide, since December 2019. The Pandemic has also hit the Global Economy hard, with many people losing their jobs. It seems that the Pandemic has triggered the devastating crisis of the 21st Century. While researchers are trying hard to come out with a vaccine to tackle the Coronavirus, economists are preparing plans to rescue the Global Economy. In such a scenario, the Taliban’s return to Power in Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US Troops from the war-ravaged South Asian Nation, has created another crisis. With thousands of Afghans fleeing their country to take shelter on foreign soil, many countries are facing difficulties to accommodate them during the time of Pandemic. Many believe that the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic is a part of the Chemical and Biological Warfare, which is a pre-planned move by leading Global Powers. Whatever may be, one would have to admit that the Afghan Crisis has diverted our attention from the economic, social and medical problems created by the Pandemic.

Although the modern world is reluctant to follow any particular structure while analysing the Socio-Political-Economic issues, a structure has always been there. In fact, Global Geopolitics is based on four pillars: the Abrahamic-Semitic Pillar, the Colonial Pillar, the Communist Pillar and the Capitalist Pillar.

Among these four, the Abrahamic-Semitic Pillar is the oldest one, as the religious emotion has always been controlled by the Vatican, Jerusalem, Mecca and other centres. In other words, Religion has always kept the Society divided between the Haves and the Have-nots! Even Religion has also encouraged poverty in order to influence the poor people in a different manner. One can mention Mother Teresa (born as Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu; August 26, 1910 – September 5, 1997) in this regard… the Vatican had sent Albanian lady to eastern Indian city of Kolkata from Skopje (North Macedonia) to serve the poor Indians. Although she earned a huge respect in India and other parts of the globe for her service, people often forget the fact that this lady not only projected the South Asian nation as an impoverished State, but also had vicariously encouraged one to make more babies. If people make more babies in a populous country, like India; then poverty and illiteracy would certainly stay there. And, it would be easier for the Vatican to influence the illiterate people. One should remember that Poverty is easily saleable, and the Third World countries sell Poverty to earn foreign exchange in form of aid. It is said in some quarters that the Mother did her job, religiously! The same is applicable for Jerusalem and Mecca, too. It may be added that no Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other religious leaders have asked their followers to use methods of contraception, and stop making babies in order to save this world from hunger and poverty. Instead, they all have joined hands to trigger a kind of Economic War, thus, playing an important role in destroying Planet Earth. Undoubtedly, Economics or Business is another form of War, and Religions are well aware of this fact. Similarly, one form of Islam, like other forms of faith, has encouraged its followers to get involved in terrorist activities with the help of the concept of Jihad. Hence, the Abrahamic-Semitic Pillar is more than partly responsible for bringing the world to such a state!

In a country where there is a competition within the Abrahamic-Semitic system, there is also a competition between followers of various religious faiths, such as Christians, Muslims, Jewish, etc. Naturally, the competition prompts each one to try to say that her/his party should win and control the society. People, who are not a part of any of these religious groups, can also get involved in a war, knowingly or unknowingly. For example, the Native American Indians, who got killed, were not a part of any of this group. The American Indians, Vietnamese, Cubans or the Africans were eliminated from the society even before the concept of slavery played its role in Social Evolution. They were eliminated by others, who wanted to gain profits by grabbing their possessions. In other words, the basics of economics, like land, labour and capital, have always been a part of the Abrahamic-Semitic ventures.

Abrahamic Religions: Similarity & Comparison

The Scientific and Technological Development had given birth to Colonialism or Imperialism in the 15th Century. Interestingly, the Colonialists were very much interested in maintaining the Feudal Structure of the society in an attempt to exercise the Divide and Rule Policy on the basis of class, caste, race, skin colour and religion. The British East India Company or the Dutch East India Company used to run former colonised States on behalf of their Monarchs. Kings or Queens were the real Colonial Masters, and all of them belonged to the Upper Class. To stamp their authority on their Colonies, they identified themselves as the servants of God! That is why only God can save the British Queen! In the name of God, the Colonialists actually boosted the economic prospects of their countries by exploiting the colonies. It may be recalled that it was former Prime Minister of Britain Sir Winston Churchill (November 30, 1874 – January 24, 1965) who destroyed the eastern Indian Province of West Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh (the Undivided Bengal in British India) to support the British soldiers during the Second World War. This is the real character of the Colonialists, and Sir Winston was no exception to this!

Interestingly, the fate of a Colony depends on the relation between the Colonial rulers and leaders of their Colonies. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948) or Mahatma Gandhi – an Indian Lawyer, Anti-Colonial Nationalist and Political Ethicist who employed Non-violent Resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s Independence from British rule in 1947 – had spent 21 years in South Africa. He had moved to the African country in 1893 in order to represent an Indian merchant in a lawsuit. He went on to live there for more than two decades. It was in South Africa where Gandhi raised a family and first employed Non-violent Resistance in a campaign for Civil Rights. Gandhi, aged 45, returned to India in 1915. The question arises here is: If Gandhi played a crucial role against the Colonial Masters, then why did South Africa become an Independent Nation in April 1994, 44 years after India’s Independence? It may be noted that the South African population voted in the first universal suffrage General Elections on April 26-29, 1994. In actuality, the Colonialists used to create two classes in their colonies. While they used to communicate with the wealthy class on various issues, the marginalised class people were the worst sufferers because they were treated differently.

Later, the Industrial Revolution changed the Social Structure in Europe, prompting German Philosopher, Economist, Historian, Sociologist, Political Theorist, Journalist and Socialist Revolutionary Karl Marx (May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883) to explain the Social Evolution with the help of the concept of Class. His Dialectical Materialism encouraged the Communists to capture the State Power through Revolution. However, like other isms, Communism, too, made an attempt to see the world through a glass. The Communists stressed on excessive State Power, making the situation worse (in order to avoid a Counter Revolution). Even the Eastern Europe became Free only after the fall of Communism. According to a senior Indian journalist who wanted to remain anonymous, his sister studied Medical Science in erstwhile Czechoslovakia in the early 1990s and became a doctor. As it was a Communist country at that period of time (1918-1993), the Czech officials used to check her air tickets, and followed her even in hospitals. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), too, was behind her because she was one of the best doctors in Stanford and a part of the Stanford University. So, one can easily imagine how many Universities and people were trying to monitor her movements. As she was actually engaged in researches on viruses, everybody was following her, making it difficult for the doctor to live and breathe in peace. Often, the Communists blamed the Free World over various issues for the sake of opposition. It may be noted that each and every issue cannot be analysed on the basis of Class Struggle. The Communists have never appreciated Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865), who had successfully led the US through the American Civil War, the country’s greatest moral, cultural, constitutional and political crisis.

Communist World

Then came Capitalism… indeed, Capitalism is the modern version of Colonialism. One should notice how the war in the Capitalist World moved from Central Africa to North Africa, and from North Africa to West Asia (Syria, Iraq and Iran), and to South Asia (Afghanistan) over time. As these regions are rich with minerals and other natural resources, the Capitalist World has always concentrated there. They are still not interested in Far East Asia, as only two-fifth of the Global Population live there. On the contrary, the Capitalist World is slowly destroying the African, West Asian and South Asian nations, and also reconstructing them because they know the biggest consumers are staying there. With the former Colonialists turning into Capitalist Powers, one may find some similarities between these two Pillars of Global Geopolitics.

In fact, the Colonialists, the Communists and the Capitalists were well aware of the fact that they would have to compete with each other and to destroy others for their own survival! That is why Joseph Stalin, Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler had used the Mass Media to highlight their success in difficult situations. Considering the contemporary complex military situation after the First World War, Stalin and Hitler were pretty okay guys because they were looking at things differently only to boost their respective National Economy. Although they had killed so many people during the Second World War, they did so for the sake of their respective National Interest. Stalin was not a cruel leader as portrayed by the US. In many parts of Russia, people still love him a lot for saving the lives of their ancestors.

The main problem of Capitalism is to keep exploring new markets to save the Economic System. While doing so, it often creates new problems and gets engaged in wars. The Second World War was an outcome of the Great Depression. Similarly, Capitalism has failed to explore new markets and to create new job opportunities in recent times. The increasing number of jobless people and Economic Recession have been creating troubles for the Capitalist World since the beginning of the 21st Century. Hence, the Capitalists have taken resort to Chemical and Biological Warfare in order to divert people’s attention from this crisis, as they know that such a deadly virus would certainly reduce the global population to a large extent. A decrease in population would partly resolve the job crisis, and at times, it has been told that when the Global Community started staging anti-Government protests in their respective countries for the shortage of vaccines, the Capitalists triggered a fresh tension (the Afghan crisis). Afghanistan is a soft target, as it is a man-made misery. The Abrahamic-Semitic system had already destroyed the fabric of the Afghan Society decades ago. Now, the Capitalists have diverted everybody’s attention from the COVID-19 Pandemic, and something else would come up by 2023. Then, the Capitalists shall say that it’s the time to stop all these vaccination programmes. Unfortunately, nobody talks about the Planet and figures out that these four Pillars are responsible for the destruction of the world.

The four Pillars have done nothing to save the Earth or to create more food or jobs for people. Of course, a Revolution can destroy these four Pillars and save the world. However, there is no real revolution, other than the French Revolution, in the last four centuries. If one looks closely, there have been some protests or agitations during this period of time. However, those were not strong enough to change the course of the History of Human Civilisation. It is important to understand these four Pillars, or else the Global Community shall continue to play the blame game for each and every crisis they would face.

Source: Indra Rao Naidu

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