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Category: Political Theory

The Great Conflict Of Our Time

The global community has witnessed a steady decline in Democracy in different parts of the globe, in the last three decades. It is not that aspiring Military Generals have undermined […]

Ensuring Justice In Democracy

Students of Political Science learn two definitions of Politics at the very beginning of their undergraduate studies. While American Political Scientist and Communications Theorist Harold Dwight Lasswell (February 13, 1902 […]

Politics & Philosophy Of Death

It is more than often encountered in different facets of Democracies that ‘The People will say the last word’ or ‘Law will follow its own course’. In case of the […]

On Violence & The Strength

Indian politicians are still seen to be using the horror of Partition of the Indian Subcontinent, seemingly, for narrow political gains, more than seven decades after the tragic event. One […]

Silence: A Meaningful Political Category

Global Studies has become a very popular subject in recent times, especially in former colonial countries of the Eastern or South-eastern Hemisphere, like India. The main purpose of studying this […]

A Critical Enquiry

Dr Romila Thapar (b. November 30, 1931) is an Indian Historian, with her principal area of study being Ancient India, a field in which she is pre-eminent. Well, it has […]

Playing A Long, Methodical Game

It is very difficult to make a decision about China. One may consider the Chinese as extremely hard-working, but the person will be surprised to know that they are allowed […]

Establishing The True Indian-ness

Dr Shashi Tharoor (b. March 9, 1956) – an Indian politician, author and former diplomat who was formerly Under Secretary General of the UN and contested for the post of […]