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Month: October 2021

An Intelligence Coup?

Several countries are targeting spies working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Civilian Foreign Intelligence Service of the Federal Government of the US. They are often getting killed, or […]

A Dynamic Gift Of Controversy

Book-lovers across the globe were surprised when Dario Luigi Angelo Fo (March 24, 1926 – October 13, 2016) – an Italian actor, playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage designer, songwriter, […]

Awarded For Their Courageous Fight!

Well, it is difficult for the Authoritarian Rulers across the Globe to accept the declaration of the names of the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Peace for the year […]

Making Air Travel Eco-Friendly?

Germany is all set to manufacture Kerosene artificially, and not from crude oil this time. Hence, it shall not emit any kind of greenhouse gas. It shall literally become cent […]

Glorifying An Iconoclast…

About four hundred years ago, Persian Historian Muhammad Qasim Firishta (1560-1620) described Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni (November 2, 971 AD – April 30, 1030 AD) as a foolish and greedy […]

On Violence & The Strength

Indian politicians are still seen to be using the horror of Partition of the Indian Subcontinent, seemingly, for narrow political gains, more than seven decades after the tragic event. One […]

Foul Play Ruled Out By Authorities

A lady had come across an amputated leg in the bushes while walking on a beach in Vancouver in 1887. As the foot was carefully kept inside a boot, the […]

Crisis Chancellor To Step Down

Finally, Angela Dorothea Merkel (b. July 17, 1954) has decided to step down as the Chancellor of Germany! Merkel, who has been serving as Chancellor since 2005, has lost her […]