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A Visit From A Parallel Dimension

A man was seen arriving at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo in 1954. Like other passengers, he had to appear before Customs Officials as per the rules. His behaviour, as well as his official documents, were absolutely perfect. Hence, the customs officers did not regard him with suspicion and distrust. However, the passenger said something that left the Japanese officials shell shocked, i.e., when asked where he had come from, the person named a country that did not exist on the map! It was Taured. Surprisingly, the name of that country was also mentioned in his passport. The Japanese officials did not find any mistake while checking the passport.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo

It was then, the Customs Officials had reportedly asked the person to show the position of his country on the map. The stranger put his index finger on the map of his country in no time, and what he identified as Taured was in fact Andorra, a tiny, independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains. He also wondered why his 1000-year-old country was marked as Andorra on the map! The person, who could also speak many languages fluently, was carrying currency belonging to more than one country.


The Taured Man had further explained to the Officials at the Airport that he was an employee of a Japanese company that did exist at that period of time. In other words, the Officers had not yet found any evidence of anything wrong with him. However, the hotel in Tokyo, where he claimed that he would stay, did not have a room booked in his name. The Officers, finally, arranged a hotel near the airport for him in order to unravel his mystery. Two guards were also deployed outside his room to prevent him from leaving the hotel.

The room, which had only one door, and no balcony, was at the very top of a multi-storey hotel building. The next morning, Customs Officers were shocked after entering the room for questioning, as the man was not in his room. Interestingly, the door was locked from outside. The Japanese Officials failed to trace the person, and his identity still remains a mystery. No one knows how he could escape from there!

Later, experts explained the event in different manners. Some believe that he was a time traveller, while others are of the opinion that he had come from a different planet that looked exactly like Earth, and perhaps, Taured was a country of that planet. This person from a mysterious country has remained a mystery…

Well, there have been, time and again, issues like this, which some may proceed to term as variety adding spice to life. According to some, this story seems to have been inspired by a real-life incident, but its modern form, seemingly, is a greatly embellished and fantastical version of the far less sensational real story.

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