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Pakistani Navy recently accused the Indian Navy of patrolling in Pakistan’s waters! The Imran Khan Administration in Islamabad has backed the Navy’s claim, stating that an Indian submarine tried to enter Pakistani waters on October 16, 2021. However, the Pakistani Navy forced the submarine to return to the Indian waters. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR of Pakistan) released a video on October 19, supporting the Navy’s claim. The ISPR said in a statement that a Pakistani drone captured the image of the Indian submarine inside its territorial waters, 280km of Karachi. “India did not keep its word. So, Pakistan has to build resistance to defend the sovereignty of the motherland,” it added.

Islamabad further claimed that it was the third time when such an incident took place. It had made a similar claim in March 2019, when the Pakistani Navy alleged that an Indian warship had made an attempt to enter the Pakistani waters. However, the Pak Navy did not allow the warship to stay in Pakistani waters for long. Pakistan had made a similar allegation against India for the first time in November 2016.

Image published by Pakistani Navy

Meanwhile, there is enough confusion about the veracity of the latest low-quality surveillance video. The Indian Navy issued a statement, saying that the submarine was 250-280 km away from Karachi as per the video released by Pakistan. It means the position of the submarine was closer to the coast of western Indian Province of Gujarat. “The Latitude and Longitude mentioned in the video are 22 degrees 17 minutes North and 66 degrees 30 minutes towards the East. This position is essentially about 250-280km away from Karachi, meaning the vessels were not in Pakistani waters at all,” stated the Indian Navy. It further said: “Besides, sources within the Indian Navy have also indicated that from the video, no one can claim that it was an Indian vessel.” Given that the location was far away from Pakistan, this submarine could belong to any other nation, argued India.

Furthermore, the submarine did nothing, but only increased the height of its periscope a little during routine drills. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, a senior officer of the Indian Navy stressed that the submarine allegation could only be considered as a reaction to Pakistan’s psyched state of mind amid the Indian Army’s strict patrolling in the Union Territory of Kashmir. According to the Officer, the claim by Pakistan seems to be an attempt to side-track its role in the targeted attacks on civilians in Kashmir.

Territorial Waters

Interestingly, Pakistan made the allegation at a time when Indian Army Chief General M M Naravane was on a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir in order to review the security situation there. His visit was significant as the Indian Armed Forces stepped up their ante against terrorists in Poonch Sector of Kashmir, where mega anti-terrorist operations were underway.

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