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Category: Kashmir


When India abstained from voting against Russia on March 2 (2022) just before the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution deploring the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, Washington DC and Moscow […]

Moscow, Beijing & The Balance Of Power

Russia and China recently triggered a sensation in Global Geopolitics by issuing a 50-page joint document that portrays the image of unity between the two countries. However, India has cast […]

USPs Of The First-Ever NSP

Pakistan published its first National Security Policy (NSP) document for 2022-26 on January 14, outlining the country’s security and economic cooperation with neighbouring countries. As expected, the 110-page document stressed […]

Strong Allies, Severe Setbacks, And…

Soon after the meeting between Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Riyadh in October 2021, the Saudi Government agreed to provide USD […]


Pakistani Navy recently accused the Indian Navy of patrolling in Pakistan’s waters! The Imran Khan Administration in Islamabad has backed the Navy’s claim, stating that an Indian submarine tried to […]

A Change In Stance

It is not an internal crisis of the Islamic World, but a clash between two different ideologies. While Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as a progressive nation in West […]

The Onus Is On The Taliban

The Onus is on the Taliban to decide how the World reacts to Regime Resolution Number 2593, passed by the UNSC just prior to India handing over its presidency, read: […]

Aiming For A Global Caliphate

An official source close to the Indian Intelligence Department, who wants to remain anonymous, has stated that the Islamic State – Khorasan (ISIS-K) – a branch of the Islamic State […]