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Category: Economy

Space Age In UK

England and Scotland have decided to increase their reliance on rockets, in order to boost their respective states of economy. A few small British islands may also join the venture […]

A New Economic Order: An Overview

The term Cryptocurrency, or the Blockchain Technology-based digital currency that requires no Central Bank or Government, has been successful in stealing the show across the globe. It is almost impossible […]

Retardation Accelerated

When it comes to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, monetary policy is hardly conventional. The Every Morning Asia online portal has explained why President Erdoğan’s economic fantasy would not save […]

Embracing The Appeal Of Fantasy?

Last summer, a political commentator stated that the Prime Minister’s “mission is to restore the nation’s faith in itself, to battle the ‘effete and desiccated and hopeless‘ defeatism” He added […]

A Pointless Comparison!

Nowadays, it is increasingly being observed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is often being referred to as the true architect of modern India. Well, this, in turn, seemingly brings forth […]

A Somewhat Different ‘Past’

Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin recently said that he used to drive a taxi to supplement his income, following the fall of the Soviet Union. In upcoming documentary film, dubbed […]

Putin In India: Partnership Questions Answered

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed, at their summit meeting in New Delhi on December 6 (2021), to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the Afghan […]

An Apparent Deal & A Denial

From Imperialist Britain to erstwhile Soviet Union, almost all the major global powers have invaded Afghanistan, time and again, mainly for poppy and opium. After returning to Power for the […]