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Category: Economy

Tracing Ancient Trade Networks…

Archaeologists recently found ancient wine jars, named Amphora, around 300ft below the sea, and each one is more than 2,200 years old. This discovery has triggered a stir among archaeologists. […]

The Threat Of An Exit?

The Iranian presidential takeover by conservative Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi could point out a resumption of hostilities by the Islamic Republic, all the more so as the Joe Biden Administration is […]

On Hegemonic Stability Theory…

Charles Poor ‘Charlie’ Kindleberger (October 12, 1910 – July 7, 2003), an American Economic Historian, once said that it was necessary to establish a Hegemonic Regime in order to maintain […]

What’s Ahead?

A Report, titled Code Red for Humanity, has sent a clear message of danger to mankind. Still, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison does not want to give much importance to […]

A Huge Potential

After triggering of a Global Humanitarian Crisis, there has been a renewed focus on whether Afghanistan can regain its economic strength with a substantial amount of hidden treasure! However, the […]

Putting An End…

Before becoming the Prime Minister of India in 2014, Narendra Modi had promised to create 20 million jobs per year. However, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has mentioned in […]

Nature’s Wrath?

The vast coastal area of Greece and Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea, which divides the two countries, is on fire! The wildfires have killed at least six people in Turkey […]

Just Another Arena?

The Olympic Games are considered as the Greatest Show on Earth. However, it may be said that this leading International Sporting Event, somehow, turned into a platform to exhibit political […]

A Geopolitical Puzzle

It seems that China considers Afghanistan as an important Regional Component in its BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) geopolitical puzzle. The BRI is the political imprint of Chinese leader Xi […]