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On Humanity!

When communal riots rocked the Indian capital of New Delhi on February 24 evening, darkness covered the city. Next day, the Global Community came to know that riots had claimed at least 47 lives in India’s biggest city. However, they did not know that a Councilor of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had given shelter to some Muslim families at his residence. The Global Community also had no information that some Dalits (the ethnic groups in India that have been kept oppressed by being subject to untouchability and other socially evil practices) did not go to bed that night, as they were busy guarding houses inhabited by the Muslims. The Sikh community, too, opened the doors of eight Gurudwaras to the riot-affected Hindu and Muslim families. Next day, the Hindus and Muslims took part in a joint peace rally in that region of New Delhi.

Delhi Riot.jpg

Most importantly, no political leader encouraged the common people to put up this resistance… people protected their neighbours by risking their own lives! These people do not possess any pride for education, or political power. They only have that universal, but rare thing: Humanity! Actually, the source of light comes from the darkness. Once again, these people have proved that only humans can feel others’ emotions. This strength is the basis of morality, which turns intelligent mammals into human beings. It is the wealth that no one can determine… but, it determines the values of all objects. Since the Partition of the Subcontinent, India has witnessed many riots (in the last seven decades). Still, the Nation keeps its invaluable asset – Humanity! The heart-wrenching stories of riots have failed to discourage the Indians to provide vulnerable people with shelters. During riots, one told the other: “Do not be afraid. I am with you.

Delhi Riot 1.jpg

Still, Humanity has the strength to prevent Violence. For the Indians, it is quite natural that neighbours would save neighbours… men would save men. They do not feel the need to highlight this particular culture. As this human quality remains hidden, the ruler fails to realise the strength of human beings. Those, who want to make India a Hindu Nation, often fail to understand that the Muslims are not their real enemy, but the Ancient Indian Culture! Their true enemy is Humanity! All the Hindus are not anti-Muslim… and, Secularism still exists in India. Although the supporters of Hindutva call some Hindus Pseudo Secular, they are not!

Delhi Riot 2.jpg

For the last six years, the ruling political party has been trying hard to polarise the Indian people by promoting Hatred. They are yet to taste success in that regard. Otherwise, the Police would not have to guard the rioters! Instead, the ruler has successfully done a different polarisation: Egalitarian India versus Totalitarian India. In India, Hindus will always keep their doors open to Muslims, and Muslims will keep their doors open to Hindus. Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs, too, will do the same, as India’s soul lies in Tolerance.


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