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Bugged, After 7 Decades…

At a time when the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has claimed so many lives in China and many other countries, a different fear is eating up the French people every night! Yes, Bedbugs (scientific name: Cimex Lectularius) have made their lives miserable. The situation has become so serious, the Government of France has launched a website and a hotline to run a campaign.
The Emmanuel Macron Administration in Paris has requested people to visit the website, or to call at the hotline number in order to get information about how to tackle the Bedbugs. The Government is also advising people what to do, and what not to indulge in, in this regard!
It is mentioned in the website that anyone could be attacked by these insects, which feed on human blood, usually at night. Their bites can result in a number of health impacts, including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Bedbug bites may also lead to skin changes, ranging from invisible to small areas of redness to prominent blisters.


As Bedbugs love the dark, they usually take shelter inside beds or sofas, and build up colonies there. They can bite up to 90 times in a single night! As their bite marks are just like mosquito bites, it is difficult to realise whether it’s a mosquito-bite or a Bedbug-bite only by seeing the mark.
The French Government has suggested various ways to get rid of Bedbugs. For example, the people have been asked to boil their clothes at 60° Celsius immediately after using them. It is to be noted that Bedbugs had created troubles for people in the Western European country way back in the 1950s. After 70 years, France is facing a serious problem with Bedbugs, again!

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