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Month: February 2020

A Lively Island

Ikaria, a small island in Greece, covers 254 sqkm of area. Something has happened in the lives of the people there, so that they have started forgetting the Death! In […]

Voice Change!

Well, it seems rather obvious that one does not have to be didactic in teaching others to make it realise. Human brain can easily identify who is the near and […]

Cut, Copy, Paste… End Task!

Nowadays, people often tend to wonder what their lives would have been, had there not been the options of Cut, Copy & Paste! We don’t even bother to count how […]

Is Pompeo Morally Fit To Be State Secretary?

Though Donald Trump scored a decisive victory in his three-year war with the Anglo-American intelligence establishment by being acquitted in his impeachment trial on February 5, there is no intention […]


It is being noticed that the Media are occupying the second position as far as the promotion and expansion of languages is concerned in a multilingual country, like India. First, […]

The Power Of Love!

Love is an eternal feeling! However, love is losing its familiar form due to lack of practice in an unstable environment. One should not forget that it is the bond […]

Myth & Reality

Hippolytus, the illegitimate son of the Athenian hero and King Theseus and either Antiope or the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, was a tragic hero in Greek mythology... misfortune or bad luck had been his trusted friend since birth. Many fell in love with this handsome and intelligent person, and they ruined his life. Even, Phaedra, the second wife of Theseus, tried to seduce Hippolytus, but he did not pay heed to her advances. The Greek drama Hippolytus has quite a lot of of similarities with the contemporary dark period.

A Mummified Monk!

Many elderly patients visit the Meander Medical Centre in the Netherlands for receiving treatment. A thousand-year-old patient had arrived at the Centre as well for a medical check-up a couple […]

A Standstill?

A survey has revealed that the young American couples follow the ancient mold, as far as the division of household works for women and men is concerned! In other words, […]