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The Power Of Love!

Love is an eternal feeling! However, love is losing its familiar form due to lack of practice in an unstable environment. One should not forget that it is the bond of love, in a way, that had created the Society!
Like every year, the Global Community marked the Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year to celebrate Love and Affection! At times, it seems that there is no other word, like Love, in the English Dictionary that has so much strength to create a fascinating world. As if, one is holding affection with both of her/his hands! When one pronounces the word love, s/he not only proves her/his own superiority, but also her/his beloved one’s. Although Egotism is trying hard to replace Love in the modern world, each and every person nurtures the feeling or essence of Love in her/his mind!


Most of the people are of the opinion that Love and Affection should be celebrated everyday. Perhaps, they do not believe this from their heart, otherwise, the poet would not say: “For God’s sake, hold your tongue, and let me love…” (The Canonization, John Donne (January 22, 1572 – March 31, 1631)). It is because we slowly forget how to Love. It has become really difficult for the people to express their Love in a suspicious environment, covered with full of scent of gunpowder!
If one can love another, then s/he can experience thousands of births in a single life. Pure love, it is said, helps a person overcome many difficulties! One should celebrate Love everyday, as this four-letter word makes us prone to forgiveness, and also brings stability in our lives. Even fine art is the creation of Love. Also, there are so many people in this world, who are yet to express their Love towards others! They should openly declare: “I can give you love, are you able to accept it?” Instead of saying this, the extremely sensitive people drown in silence, alone.

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Maybe, the modern world has found a new path to express Love due to this. Perhaps, it marks the Valentine’s Day in order to highlight the importance of Love in the heartless atmosphere! At the same time, one should admit that the Purists, who blast the Social Media and the Advertising World for making Love merely a product or commodity, enjoy the feeling of Love in solitude. They also have a shy mind that wants care, affection… the Purists, too, know how to bow down to Love!
People should be careful so that they would not lose everything due to the difference in their respective expressions. However, Love should not be forbidden. As the word Love involves motivation, as well as an illusion, it has always encouraged people to create something new. That is why people confront Genuine Love, shamelessly, and expose their own existence! This love is eternal… daily hardship cannot ruin this love… separation cannot destroy it!


Therefore, it is important for everyone to celebrate Love… in their own style! Only, Love can help this world keep hatred away. As Love can be expressed either in words or in silence, language does not become a barrier in expressing Love. There is no harm in loving a person… there is only gains. Suffering, pain or heartbreak, in a way, are also gain! Basically, Love is a feeling of settlement… to wait somewhere just for a touch, which makes a moment eternal or permanent!
Love is essential because it could help people overcome this turbulent period quite easily and also help move ahead!

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