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Month: April 2020

‘I Still Have A Dream’…

Majority of the Authoritarian rulers believe that they would continue to stay in power, forever. They also believe even if they do not stay in power, no one would be […]

The Moral Crisis

Rumour … but, with more than a grain of truth! It is heard that Italy has allowed its senior citizens, affected by the Coronavirus, to die without much treatment. The […]

Film-making & Gender Discrimination…

Meshes of the Afternoon, a 1943 short experimental film directed by Maya Deren (April 29, 1917 – October 13, 1961) and her husband Alexander Hammid, shows a woman, that was […]


The Global Community marked the World Theatre Day on March 27, as the international observance was initiated by the International Theatre Institute in 1961. Every year, noted theatre personalities share their […]

The Coat Of Arms!

Hand Sanitiser has become a saviour in the world afflicted with Coronavirus. Even a few months back, manufacturers or vendors could not imagine that there would be a skyrocketing demand […]

Points Of View!

Once, Martin Luther King Jr had said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” In other words, the chastisement for a single wrongdoer should increase the chances of getting […]

The Reign Of Patriarchy

Kashmira Bibi has proved that it is not possible for the State to understand the Market in a proper manner! Kashmira Bibi is a poor lady from eastern Indian Province […]

The In-Human Mind!

With the Coronavirus endemic making the Global Community the most vulnerable, the world is looking at scientists and research laboratories for its rescue. Experts’ suggestions have already made people perplexed, […]

A Matter Of Growing Concern…

The Social Distancing not only does isolate a person from the social order, but also makes her/him, in a way, to commit crimes. The motivations for committing criminal acts lie […]