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The In-Human Mind!

With the Coronavirus endemic making the Global Community the most vulnerable, the world is looking at scientists and research laboratories for its rescue. Experts’ suggestions have already made people perplexed, while the media are busy in dissecting the language, geography and grammar of the deadly virus. Majority of the people, who are currently in quarantine, had isolated themselves from others, psychologically, in the past in order to live happy lives! Now, they do it, physically, in pursuit of a healthy life. Perhaps, this complete isolation may give birth to a new Civilisation!

It will be the Fourth Phase of Civilisation! Currently, the human beings are in the third phase of civilisation, after the Slave Society and the Feudal System. This is actually the Era of Financial and Political Monopoly … the Era of War. In this Era, everyone believes that War is the solution to all the problems, be it poverty, terrorism or virus. It is also the Era of Science. The human beings are dependent on science, and are selfish… so, they ask Modern Science to provide them with weapons! The strength of weapons make the human beings proud. Unlike human beings, Science has no (social) values. Unfortunately, the human beings have also started abandoning the values. Otherwise, they could have asked Science to provide them with the Mantra of Understanding, and not weapons!


The proud human beings forget the fact that no one wins the war, everyone loses! The Science teaches men to kill animals… so, animals are being tortured inside the laboratories, too! We have learned to carry out modern scientific experiments in no other way. As a result, the number of those, who are called Primates in the terminology of Biology, has decreased by 10% in recent times. Primates – the group that contains all the species commonly related to the lemurs, monkeys, and apes – allow a number of viruses to stay in their bodies. However, the decreasing number of Primates has prompted Corona, Ebola and other deadly viruses to find new shelters… and they have chosen human bodies!

The viruses choose human bodies, as human beings are mammals… humans are almost the relatives of Primates in terms of Biology or Genetics! Although humans consider themselves as the most advanced and civilised creatures, they are just beautiful accommodations for the viruses. Therefore, the movement of viruses from one species to another is the only way of their survival! Like human beings, the viruses, too, have developed a strategy for their survival in a diverse environment! Thanks to Evolution, viruses are also naturally selected and much older than human beings both in age and experience. They are also advanced than humans in their crookedness!


Human civilisation will fight Coronavirus… Scientists will soon develop a vaccine… however, the fact is that the balance of the Mother Nature depends on their existence! Human civilisation cannot wage a war against what is invisible and intangible. So, the human beings will have to co-exist with these viruses. Men have committed a mistake by making an attempt to set up colonies in the world of viruses. It has prompted viruses to launch a counter-attack, and human beings have lost the strength of Biological resistance, slowly.

Human beings have also failed to control their appetite! As hunger knows no rules, men have killed animals and birds to satisfy their tongues. As a result, they continued to hunt animals even after learning farming. Men forget that animals are the source of the most deadly diseases! The infectious viruses have always preferred dense populations. The history of this choice is about 11,000 years old. Since the birth of the Agrarian Economy, various epidemics have rocked the human society. Till the Second World War, infectious diseases had claimed more lives than weapons. From the era of Columbus to Alexander the Great, the main weapon of war was not the sword or bullet; but unknown viruses. Unfortunately, both the victorious and the vanquished failed to realise that!

Agrarian Economy.jpg

Hence, there is nothing new in epidemic. The plague epidemic had claimed one-fourth of European lives between 1346 and 1352. Nearly 20 million people died of influenza immediately after the First World War. And, the Ebola virus claimed 11,000 lives a couple of years ago. Still, influenza claims one billion lives every year. However, the Global Community had no idea about Corona, the new virus!

Why is that so? Because… people, usually, experience peace after an epidemic. In 1927, English Astronomer, Physicist and Mathematician Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington (December 28, 1882 – November 22, 1944) said that “there is an obvious direction (or flow) of time” and “the Arrow of Time or Time’s Arrow is pointing towards the future; and not towards the past“. According to Sir Arthur, there is no solution to this problem in Classical Physics. Perhaps, his idea is very much true in the world of Biology. The extermination of species is the only and inevitable future. The Third Civilisation has given human beings the glory, as well as its gloom; but not wisdom!


The brand new Coronavirus has originated from China’s Wuhan market because the concerned authorities did not control the livestock market through scientific methods, as they were not interested in disturbing the debatable issue. Also, they did not make the local slums habitable. The Chinese authorities have failed to realise the social values of animals. The human civilisation will certainly overcome the ongoing crisis and the financial loses. However, the inequality – the greatest achievement of the Third Civilisation – will increase.

The fact of the matter is that the human race did not make a continuous progress for the last millions of years. Instead, the Farming Economy has given birth to Social, Economic and Gender Inequalities, apart from triggering various epidemics. One can hope that the outbreak of Corona will help people realise the importance of equality at all levels of the society. If people continue to behave in a careless manner, then this dangerous parasite virus will certainly destroy the human race, and its beloved civilisation. After that, the Fourth Civilisation will be born!

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