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Month: June 2020

A Farewell To Welfare?

French Philosopher Michel Foucault revitalised interest in Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon in his publication ‘Discipline and Punish’ in the 1970’s. He used Bentham’s concept of Panopticon as a way to illustrate […]

Defining The Shade

Merriam-Webster – the most trusted online dictionary of the US for English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciation – is all set to change the definition of the term Racism, courtesy […]

Figures, Lines & Posterity!

Apart from the Seven Wonders, there are many other things in this world that make people gape at them. Even the scientists are yet to resolve the mysteries hidden in […]


India had witnessed such a scene many a times, in the past. And, the Coronavirus pandemic has given the Indians another opportunity to experience the same. The inhumane handling of […]

R-I-C: Russians In Charge

Russia does have a presence, although an invisible one, in the efforts to restore peace in the Sino-Indian border! The diplomatic sources have revealed that Moscow encouraged Indian External Affairs […]


A Students’ Organisation, recently, organised a seminar at the University of Melbourne. The participants and guests found a poster just outside the seminar hall on which the students wrote: ‘Capitalism […]

In Black n White

A type of pigment, called Melanin, is responsible for the colours of the skins of human beings. While light coloured pigments produce white skins; dark pigments produce brown to black […]


Kalapani, Lipulekh, and Limpiyadhura… Nepal has recently claimed these three strategically important Indian territories as its part, with the National Assembly of the Himalayan Nation passing a controversial Bill on […]

A Love-Hate Affair?

It was the month of October 1960 when thousands of people gathered in front of London’s Old Bailey Court! There were 12 members of Juries – nine men and three […]