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A Students’ Organisation, recently, organised a seminar at the University of Melbourne. The participants and guests found a poster just outside the seminar hall on which the students wrote: ‘Capitalism and Coronavirus‘. From the poster, it becomes clear that some Liberal students blame the Capitalist Behaviour for the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic or similar catastrophe. No one can deny the fact that uncontrolled human greed has led to the deep destruction of (Human) Civilisation. While the Defence Budget has increased almost in an exponential manner, expenditure on the Health, Research and Development Sectors has been hit badly. People, who were concentrating mostly on personal and social gains, have discovered that it is difficult to get rid of the Coronavirus! They have also realised that the human beings would have to pay a heavy price…

The concept of eternal or tradition takes us to Mythology. Mythological stories become eternal because they, mostly, have no historical basis. We know that Euhemerism talks about the historical basis of certain events. As per the Indian mythology, Brahma is the God of Creation, while Vishnu is the God of Maintenance and Shiva is the God of Destruction. Interestingly, there are so many temples of Vishnu and Shiva in India, but Brahma is hardly worshipped. Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is a Hindu temple situated at Pushkar in the Indian Province of Rajasthan, close to the sacred Pushkar Lake. The temple is one of very few existing temples dedicated to Brahma in the South Asian nation and remains the most prominent among them. Since Brahma had distracted his mind from the soul and towards the cravings of the flesh, Shiva’s curse was that people would not worship Brahma. According to one version in Shiva Puran, although Brahma is regarded as the Supreme Being or the God of Gods, Shiva decapitated him after he attempted to seduce his own daughter (Shatarupa). Brahma’s lust, here, signifies the fall of humanity. The Indian Mythologists are of the opinion that Brahma’s lust for his daughter is just a metaphor. The daughter of Brahma represents any creation by man in which one can find the Ego. Ego motivates man to create something new. Family, career, culture, science, society, country, etc. manifest human ego at different levels. In that sense, each and every person is Brahma, as s/he has ego!

Lord Brahma

Pure Capitalism encourages people to satisfy their (personal) ego. Therefore, a Capitalist Society makes a serious attempt to spread Education, Culture, Science and Business. As man is a Social Animal, he crafted the society mainly to satisfy his ego, and to ensure his own security there! Man gives priority to his Social Ego and controls the Clashes between different Egos in order to keep the society stable! So, there lies a need for an Intelligent Administrator. All of his decisions may not be correct, but the administrator needs to give priority to Social Ego, and not to insignificant Personal Ego.

One can compare the Intelligent Administrator with Lord Vishnu, who represents the concept of Good Governance. It is to be noted that though Vishnu gives the utmost importance to Social Ego, his character (as depicted in the Indian Mythology) is not like Communists or Socialists. He does not destroy Capitalism, but gives it a sophisticated look. The contemporary world lacks these Intelligent Administrators. So, there is an increase in worshipping Vishnu (or Narayana) in India nowadays. Worshipping Vishnu means an attempt to elect an efficient leader through the democratic process, who could lead the nation at the time of crisis, keeping in mind the Social Requirement.

Lord Vishnu

Now is the time when Lord Shiva should be discussed. The two primitive instincts of man are: Fear or Insecurity, and Hunger (not just for Food, but all Desires). And Fear originates from Ego that disturbs the peace, especially during situations of war, and epidemic. Lord Shiva managed to conquer Fear, as he is the symbol of sacrifice. However, he also has relevance in common life. His Personal Ego disappears in Social Ego. When our Personal Ego disturbs the rhythm of the Nature, the Nature eventually takes its revenge. According to the tale, Shiva beheaded Brahma when the latter failed to protect his dignity mainly to satisfy his Ego. It, in other words, means that the real battle is between Nature and Culture.

Lord Shiva

As Lord Shiva is the God of Destruction, he inspires the Nature to destroy the Social Structure when Ego prompts the Civilisation to build a faulty facade in the structure. At the same time, he encourages the Nature to build a new one (old order changes, yielding place to the new). The new structure replaces the old, thanks to the steady supply of raw materials. The process actually helps civilisation absorb the shock, and continue to move towards a new direction. Civilisation teaches us to maintain a balance between instinct and restraint

The Coronavirus pandemic helps us learn how to maintain the balance!!!

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