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In Black n White

A type of pigment, called Melanin, is responsible for the colours of the skins of human beings. While light coloured pigments produce white skins; dark pigments produce brown to black skin tones. Humans, with black skin, first evolved in Africa, between six and two million years ago. This is the original and unadulterated skin colour of man!

When people started arriving in Europe from the Dark Continent, their skin colour somewhat faded, mainly because of ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. The impact of the ultraviolet rays decreases in the polar regions as compared to the equator. People, living near the polar region, have lighter skin tones, while people in axis of the globe have brown skins…

The change in skin colours took place just 50,000 years ago, when man had successfully roamed across the globe in his second attempt. And then, the Earth experienced a global cooling, which prompted people to migrate to different parts of Europe and Asia. The movement of the cold wave was mainly from the equator to 30-35 Degrees Northern and Southern Latitudes. The Earth began to heat up 12,000 years ago, again. As the cold still prevailed, people managed to move to a higher axis much later. As people spent so many years in areas exposed to low ultraviolet rays, their skin colours faded. Due to the effect of pigment, selective mutations took place in some people’s normal skin colour, and turned permanent through genetic change.

The US: Timeline

The White men came just 100 generations or 2,500 years ago. The ancient Egyptian, Greek or Roman societies did not bother much about complexion of the people. In fact, the Maasai people of Africa used to believe that some people became White under the influence of evil spirits! On the other hand, White women started enjoying special respect and status in some parts of Asia and Europe. Just before the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th Century, Whites started considering themselves as superior and the elite. This thought or mentality slowly influenced entire Europe, and the Whites made it a habit to enslave Blacks, or the Coloured people.

Prejudice in the US

Then came Racial Abuse, and Blacks became the most oppressed human beings without much reason. Often, we find the manifestation of this infection or infected thought in our society. The 46-year-old George Floyd is the latest victim of this infection…

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