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Month: June 2020

A Purely Political Debate

What did Vladimir (Ilyich Ulyanov) Lenin think of Joseph Stalin? This is basically a Political Debate of the 20th Century, which still seems to be quite relevant… When he was […]

He Had A Dream!

The year 1984… people across Brazil were gearing up for staging protests against the military ruler who had been of the affairs on that country for nearly two decades! A […]

The Storytelling Animal

Sulawesi – an Indonesian island east of Borneo, comprising of several long peninsulas radiating from a mountainous centre – is famous for coral reefs and dive sites, such as Bunaken […]

The One Who Had His Career In Ruins…

Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay (April 12, 1885 – May 23, 1930), the eminent Indian Archaeologist and Museum expert, is quite known as the discoverer of Mohenjo-daro, the principal site of the Harappa […]

Atrocities At Alderney

The Nazi German forces had occupied some parts of Channel Islands, a group of British dependency islands in the English Channel off the coast of France, in 1940. Having done […]

Time To Weep & Think

The COVID-19 pandemic has started affecting the Globalised world, with many a country expecting an economic slowdown. India is no exception to it. Economic activities are hardly taking place because […]

Honesty, Selflessness &…

Today, the world is hopelessly moving around financial corruption. There is hardly a country in the world that has not experienced corruption-related problems. In some countries, the ministers and senior […]

Is That US, Or Us In Conflict?

An outrage had shocked the US after the assassination of Martin Luther King (Jr) in 1968… the Nation is facing a similar situation after five odd decades. In spite of […]

Thoughts Of Love…

Things were not going well… the young lady thought that everything would be fine, some day… but, she was wrong. One fine morning, the young man informed her that he […]