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Is That US, Or Us In Conflict?

An outrage had shocked the US after the assassination of Martin Luther King (Jr) in 1968… the Nation is facing a similar situation after five odd decades. In spite of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Americans are ignoring the social distancing process in order to stage protests against racial discrimination!

The death of George Floyd on May 25 has triggered the biggest coast-to-coast protests in the US, as the scenario has prompted the concerned authorities to impose curfew in 75 major cities, including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man suspected of passing a counterfeit USD20 bill, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, pressed his knee to the former’s neck for eight minutes and 47 seconds, while Floyd was handcuffed face down in the street. Two other officers reportedly restrained Floyd, while a fourth prevented onlookers from intervening! The incident has shocked the entire world!

A mural depicting African-American man?George?Floyd killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, U.S., is pictured at Mauerpark in Berlin

Such police brutality against the Coloured People is very common in the US. Way back in 1999, Amadou Diallo, a 23-year-old Guinean immigrant, was shot dead by four New York City Police Department’s plain-clothed officers: Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward McMellon, and Kenneth Boss. In 2014, Michael Brown Jr – an 18-year-old black man – was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St Louis. The New York Police also shot Sean Bell (23) dead in 2006, as the Black man was about to marry the mother of his two small daughters. He had 11 bullet injuries in his neck and arm, and was dead on arrival at the hospital. There are so many instances of racial hatred. In 2015, the police killed more than 100 unarmed people in different parts of the country.

In the US, the Blacks have been abused and tortured at least for four centuries. After being victims of the barbaric practice of slavery for more than 200 years, they still experienced Racial Discrimination, Economic Inequality and State Repression! They have been deprived from enjoying basic human rights for the last 100 years. The Whites and the Blacks still have to use different washrooms and water taps in the southern part of Illinois.


In such an environment, several protesters have been arrested in the last 10 days, charged with a range of offences, including looting, blocking motorways and breaking curfew. It’s quite natural that these people will break curfew, keeping in mind the current scenario in the US where Covid-19 has claimed nearly 9,000,000 lives. Many people have failed to see their near and dear ones for the one last time. Majority of the poor people in the US are Blacks, who are ignored by the country’s top Political Leadership. As a result, they have learnt to live with poverty, illiteracy and poor health facilities. The transportation system in their area is ridiculous, with the Government shutting down state-run hospitals and medical centres in their locality. Indirectly, the Government encourages Blacks to become drug-addicts! The US Police have the licence to kill them at any point of time for any reason, without any trial. Else, the Blacks find their places inside the cells of private jails or state owned prisons!

Incidents, such as looting, blocking motorways and breaking curfew, should never be supported. However, what is historic is that the protesters are enjoying a huge public support. This is the US, which is popular among the global community. Martin Luther King (Jr)’s assassination had shocked many Whites in 1968, who had taken to the streets. Those Whites also staged protests against Washington’s decision to attack Saddam Hussain’s Iraq. They even slammed the administration for torturing thousands of innocent people in the name of interrogation after the 9/11 terror attack in New York.


These people have the strength to teach tyrants and corrupt rulers a lesson! This is not just an emotional statement, but a lesson learnt from history…

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