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US President Donald Trump has reaffirmed UN arms embargo on Iran! With this move, new sanctions have also been imposed on groups and individuals who support Iran’s nuclear, missile and conventional weapons activities. President Trump has made it clear that his Administration would never allow Iran to endanger the World by supplying arms to various countries! Although the US Foreign Policy is entirely the prerogative of Washington DC, the system of imposing sanctions is certainly an international issue. The practice of imposing sanctions on a country, if its activities appear to be dangerous to the other, is an old one. One would have to consider whether this practice is still effective… Else, why could the Global Community fail to resolve the Iran issue even after imposing sanctions, repeatedly? Experts are of the opinion that the US Foreign Policy has raised doubts about the legitimacy of this particular approach, keeping in mind the Iranian Nuclear Issue.

It is evident in History that sanctions have always hurt the common people more than the Government of a country. The economic blockade directly affects the common man, as the move disrupts the supply of essential food items and life-saving drugs. The Health Workers in Iran have expressed concern over the latest US move, stating that it would surely claim more lives in the West Asian country, which is yet to recover from the damage done by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The West Asian Politics badly needs a Balance. The outbreak of the pandemic has already disturbed the Regional Geopolitics. Now, economic sanctions on Iran could trigger instability in the entire region. Such a move may also trigger the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism in West Asia! If Iran loses its stability, it will certainly have an impact on the diplomacy and politics of the neighbouring countries. Presumably, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other South Asian countries would have to suffer.

Chabahar Port, Iran

For long, the relationship between India, Iran and the US has been subject to a lot of complexities! It is quite natural that the pressure on all sides will increase in changing circumstances. Although India maintains cordial ties with the US at present; Iran, too, is an old friend of the South Asian Nation. While Iran is the second largest supplier of crude oil to India; India is the largest foreign investor in Iran’s oil and gas industry. The two countries also have some common strategic interests, as far as the Regional Geopolitics is concerned. Whatever the US’ plan may be, this embargo will certainly raise India’s concerns… because if the internal social situation in Iran deteriorates, India’s interests would also be affected. Hence, the issue of controlling the Iranian Government, internationally, is a matter of US Foreign Policy; it could well trigger a collateral damage. The move is dangerous not only for Iran, but also for India and for the entire region!

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