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Category: Oil

From EU To Pacific: Strengthening Position

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in 25 events in Germany, Denmark and France on May 2-4 (2022) during his first foreign trip after two years. In those three days, […]

Fuelling To Flame

The Great Game of Geopolitics Well, fuel has become a crucial weapon of modern warfare. On April 27 (2022), Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, after these […]

Global Economy Rocked

The Russia-Ukraine War has increased the price of crude oil in the international market, and its consequences would be far-reaching and destructive. The global community should help Moscow and Kiev […]

India Not Dancing To US’ Tune

Following multiple threatening visits by senior US officials to New Delhi, the diktat issued by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on April 6 (2022) that “We, obviously, would prefer […]

The Cause, Impact & Lessons

Denis Alipov, the Russian Ambassador to India, believes that the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would be felt across the globe, including India. However, he did not […]

On The Might Of Solar Power

It seems that seas and oceans may be saved from the pollution of crude oil, leaking from the ships, et al.. Perhaps, the marine lives, coastal lives, environment and marine […]

New Payment System To Counter US Hegemony!

India May Be Mulling a Ruble-Rupee Payment System for Trade with Russia India is in intensive discussion through an Intergovernmental Panel of leading ministries and Indian banking circles to work […]

Impact Of Misconceptions

As Russia launched military operations in Ukraine on February 24 (2022), the Global Community is trying to understand what the US and the European Union (EU) missed in their approach […]

Engulfed In A Political Crisis

Many in Kazakhstan wanted such a situation to occur, it seems! However, the recent storm, which has lasted seven to 10 days, has failed to usher a new dawn in […]