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Desire Of The Other Sort

There often lies a notion that the sexual desire in case of women tends to decrease with their age. However, that is not entirely correct! After carrying out a survey on more than 3,200 women, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) published a report on September 28, 2020. In its report, the Non-profit, Multidisciplinary Organisation, with the mission of promoting the Health and Quality of Life of women during midlife and beyond through a proper understanding of Menopause and Healthy Aging, stated that the notion was incorrect! According to the report, a quarter of the women surveyed believe that sex remains important to them through the middle age!

Dr Holly Thomas from the University of Pittsburgh, the Lead Author of the Study Abstract, was heard saying: “In contrast to prior literature reporting that the importance of sex decreases as women move through midlife, we found that, for a quarter of women, sex remains highly important to them throughout midlife.” According to Dr Thomas, many of those – who have talked about the need for sex even as they get older – think that it is not just a need, but also quite an important part of existence!

Around 45% of those surveyed are of the opinion that sex is important in early middle age… then, the urge gradually diminishes. While 27% of women believe that sex remained highly important to them throughout midlife, 28% think that physical relation is of low importance during midlife. So far, the report has not been published in any journal…

The survey has further revealed that sex is of utmost importance to the women of the Afro-American lineage even in old age! On the other hand, the importance of sex decreases with age in the case of the women in China and Japan. For many of them, the urge does not exist at all… Meanwhile, the women – suffering from depression – are not in favour of sex at all, as they get older. The study has also found that the highly educated women tend to get more interested in sex in when they get to attain old age.

For her part, NAMS Medical Director Dr Stephanie Faubion stressed: “Studies like these provide valuable insights to healthcare providers who may otherwise dismiss a woman’s waning sexual desire as a natural part of aging.” She added: “Often there are other treatable reasons, such as vaginal dryness or depression, as to why a woman’s interest in sex may have decreased.

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