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Category: Nuclear

A Not-So-Tender Tender

In a rare first, India has decided to import coal from foreign countries on a regular basis. The Coal India Limited (CIL), an Indian Government-owned coal mining and refining corporation, […]

Simple Twists Of Fate

Tsutomu Yamaguchi (March 16, 1916 – January 4, 2010) has been an officially recognised Unluckest person in the world for surviving two atomic explosions. Although at least 70 people are […]

An Open Letter To German Chancellor

An Open Letter To German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Replace Logic Of War By Logic Of Peace! Academicians, artists and media persons appeal to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz not to deliver […]

The Cause, Impact & Lessons

Denis Alipov, the Russian Ambassador to India, believes that the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would be felt across the globe, including India. However, he did not […]

Peace (Of The Dead)

Nuclear weapons are not for war, but to prevent war… this idea has long been regarded as rather an axiomatic one. The Cold War was based on this idea, and […]

On Two Different Pandemics

Not only COVID-19, but also imposing economic blockade on another country (that too for six decades) tantamount to contracting an incurable virus. Cuba, the country of Fidel Castro, issued such […]

On Decades-Old Links & Mossad Action

The Swiss media recently reported that the Swiss and German companies had aided Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Programme in the 1980s, triggering tension with Mossad, the National Intelligence Agency of Israel. […]