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Category: Nuclear

Allied Problems?

As the conflict between the US and China has intensified in recent times, Washington DC has strengthened ties with Australia to corner the Asian Giant. The US recently provided Australia […]

The Threat Of An Exit?

The Iranian presidential takeover by conservative Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi could point out a resumption of hostilities by the Islamic Republic, all the more so as the Joe Biden Administration is […]

They Came To Baghdad

It seems that Saudi Arabia and Iran, considered as arch-rivals, are staging a détente in West Asia. Recent contacts between the Saudi and Iranian officials in the Iraqi capital of […]

Revolution, Evolution, Atavism!

In an article published in The Indian Express daily on June 30, 2021, Ramin Jahanbegloo stated that Ebrahim Raisi’s election as the President of Iran “represents a return to ideological […]

A Lull Before The Storm

West Asia or Middle East has remained uncharacteristically quiet for some time during the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic, except for the 11-day Israel-Palestine conflict. Perhaps, it is because of […]

Registered To Run Again

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (born Mahmoud Sabbaghian), the ultraconservative Iranian politician, is back! The divisive figure, who served as the President of Iran from 2005 to 2013, has joined this year’s Presidential […]

Jingoism & Radiophobia In Proximity…

US Intelligence and Spy Agencies have claimed that the fear of an upcoming war between India and Pakistan has increased more than ever before since Narendra Modi became the Prime […]

An Act Of Nuclear Terrorism?

The Government of Japan has decided to start releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean in two years. The entire procedure involved […]

Trial, Fission, Fusion & Conclusion

A sort of monomania, powered by megalomania, had seemingly influenced the two Superpowers in the middle of the 20th Century, as the US and the erstwhile Soviet Union were locked […]