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It’s A Matter Of Shame!

Their only crime is that they consume quite a lot of water! It is hence the Government of Australia has decided on culling more than 10,000 camels in order to save water! Various media have been circulating this piece of news for the last few days, and a number of Netizens have shared the news on the Social Media. The devastating bush fire has already taken the lives of many animals in Australia. Now, the Australian Government’s decision comes as a real shocker! The Aussies have blamed their Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his Government’s failure in controlling the forest fire this summer. As his popularity has touched a new low, many believe that it would not be possible for him to return to power…
Meanwhile, PM Morrison defended the move a couple of days ago, saying that the country might experience severe drought this year… so, it was important to save water! He also said that it has become important to cull the camels. The PM further informed the media that trained shooters started shooting the camels from helicopters on January 9 and the project would be completed in five days (on January 14)! Meanwhile, Netizens attacked the Government for making such a decision, with one tweeting: “Humans have now become the most dangerous animals.” Another person wrote on Tweeter: “We have no right to live in this world.

PM Scott Morrison.jpg
PM Scott Morrison

Mostly, the indigenous people live in the southern part of Australia. Popularly known as APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Land, this region is a large, sparsely-populated local government area for Aboriginal Australians. In fact, the Local Administration decided to cull camels as a precautionary measure to counter the drought.
The Australian Police have already arrested 24 people for allegedly setting some forests on fire in New South Wales. The Police claimed that these people had deliberately done this in order to complicate the situation. The forest fire has completely changed the scenario on the Kangaroo Island in the last one month! One of the NASA’s satellite images shows that the 600-square-mile area, which houses thousands of rare wild species, has been destroyed by forest fire…

Bush fire in Australia.jpg
Bush fire in Australia

Still, an image posted on the Social Media has brought some hope. The image shows the burned bush springing back to life just weeks after being decimated by fires. Mary Voorwinde, who shared the images to her Facebook page ‘Photography by Mary‘, wrote: “With all that is lost in nature, there is hope of life again.” The image has won the hearts of the Netizens.

Flower Australia.jpg
The image of the vegetation regrowth were captured on the New South Wales Central Coast by local photographer Mary Voorwinde

The unfortunate camels there will never get another opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature…

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