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Category: Media

A Critical Enquiry

Dr Romila Thapar (b. November 30, 1931) is an Indian Historian, with her principal area of study being Ancient India, a field in which she is pre-eminent. Well, it has […]

Operation London Bridge

Each and every government prepares a plan in advance to tackle any emergency or untoward situation. However, disclosure of such a plan creates troubles for the government. Currently, the Boris […]

Snippets That Talk Of Hope!

Soon after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15 (2021), the Internet was flooded with images and videos of continuous gunfire outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in […]

On Harassment & Character Assassination!

Ghada Oueiss was enjoying dinner with her husband in June 2020. The young lady, originally from Lebanon, is a leading journalist in Saudi Arabia. One of her colleagues dialled Ghada, […]

On The Front Line!

Dedicated to my colleagues… Thomas William Bowlby (January 7, 1818 – September 22, 1860), a British correspondent for The Times in Germany and China in the 19th Century, had arrived […]

Position Versus Opposition?

Events following the departure of Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu after 12 consecutive years as Prime Minister of Israel were expected to be similar to Donald Trump’s after losing the Presidential Election […]

On Elected Authoritarianism & Pegasus

For a start, it may be assumed that the allegations pertaining to tapping of phone calls of Opposition leaders and journalists against the Government of India through Pegasus spyware are […]

Penalising The Mighty Pen!

Apple Daily, the most vocal pro-democracy newspaper of Hong Kong, has recently been shut down forcefully by the Chinese authorities. The tabloid has been strongly criticising the Xi Jinping Administration […]

The ‘Chilling’ Fields…

Sometimes the barrel of a gun becomes the source of Power, but it seems that often the pen becomes mightier than the gun or a sword. This Power has the […]