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More Than A Drought Of Draught…

Water Wars: it does sound dystopian, of sorts! Well, to me not quite, as I would try to explain it as an arms race of a different kind and a crucial one between nations, within nations just for that single drop of Amrut (or the nectar of Gods as mentioned in Indian mythology is a drink that helped attain immortality) …
Water resources are becoming scarce, especially in the developing countries and a quarter of the world population is undergoing severe water crisis. Indiscriminate use of surface water and groundwater for food grain, industrial production, and in households have made the situation dreadful when, coupled with erratic weather conditions – such as droughts and floods et al. – extreme water shortages in Cape Town, South Africa and Chennai, India in the recent past, have been witnessed…

Cape Town.jpg
Cape Town

Melting ice caps at the poles, recurrent heat waves, rainstorms, and the change in oceanic ecosystem – climate change, today, are producing dire consequences with short supply of drinking water, food insecurity, migration, financial instability and conflicts within communities!
The World Resources Institute (WRI) ranked top 17 worst affected countries, where on an average 80% of water is used in a year for agricultural production, in industry and by municipalities. As per the WRI report, India ranked 13 in the list and its population is more than three times the population of other 16 countries in the list. With ever increasing population rise, the water scarcity is invariably to worsen in the South Asian nation and also lack of Proper Governance, Planning and Political Will is to blame. We are yet to learn from the recent deluge in the Indian provinces of Assam, Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra, killing hundreds and displacing thousands.


Shashi Shekhar, the former Water Secretary of India, said: “The recent water crisis in Chennai gained global attention, but various areas in India are experiencing chronic water stress as well.” He added that inefficient agricultural practices and excessive groundwater extraction are the major reasons for the water stress in the country.
In the next 30 years, water paucity will deteriorate, aggravating conflicts, and leading to migration, affecting agriculture and water dependent industries causing food insecurity, loss in gross domestic product and impairing the social milieu. So, if we aren’t doing enough in discussing solutions or realising water scarcity being the biggest crisis now, then we have to witness Water Wars in the coming decades, leading to the end of humanity and even transportation of the human race to the Mars and the Moon for possible colonisation the scientific study of which has already gained momentum…


Indeed, a lucrative plot for a dystopian novel for some, I guess!

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Ms Udita Chatterjee.

Udita Chatterjee

Udita (born on March 22, 1981) previously worked as a Programme Manager (Research) with Landesa, a global land rights organisation. Now, she is an Independent Consultant, working for various non-profit organisations. She has more than 12 years of experience in the non-profit sector, working mainly in knowledge management, documentation, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation.
Udita graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta, majoring in Sociology and did her Masters in Sociology from Presidency College (now Presidency University), Kolkata, India. Later on, she pursued Masters in Population Studies (MPS) from the Department of Extra Mural Studies & Distance Education, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, India.
Udita has a thirst for knowledge, as she enjoys reading. She is also into artworks-doing illustrations and colouring. She likes to surf the Internet, watch movies and loves to travel to various places, learning about the place and its culture and ethos.

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