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Month: September 2019

She Is Still Alive!

Dead bodies are seen lying on both sides of the road… some hearses have been roaming on the streets since morning, but it becomes difficult for them to clear the […]

The Lone Voice Of Protest…

At last, Gulalai Saba Ismail has managed to take shelter in the US. Gulalai, a Human Rights Activist from Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the Chairperson of Aware Girls and […]

Political Ideology & Psychoanalysis…

In social studies, Political Ideology is considered as a certain set of ethical ideals, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a Social Movement, Institution, Class, or large Group that explains how […]

A Far-Reaching Bond?

Are we – humans – the lone intelligent thinkers in the vast Universe? Scientists, around the world, have been conducting researches for years to find an appropriate answer to it… […]

9/11 & A Trade Centre…

Thousands of people used to gather at his grave on 9/11 to pay tribute to the First President of the Marxist Government in Chile, Salvador Allende! Intense Diplomatic and Military […]

Asia’s West-Side Story

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had dissolved the Parliament after his Likud Party’s poor show in the General Elections in April, and called interim polls. Netanyahu had also announced that […]

Power & Space…

The surface of the Moon has always allured people here on the Earth. Once, space scientists and technologists of two of the world’s most powerful nations had tried to assure […]


An orange jacket over a white top, white trousers, high heel shoes: everyone was looking at the young lady at a shopping mall in Riyadh… Mashael al-Jaloud, the 33-year-old Human […]

In Less Than One Minute…

Suicide doesn’t kill people, sadness kills them… Suicide has turned out to be one of the leading causes of death amongst the younger generation, worldwide! Countries, all over the world, […]