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She Is Still Alive!

Dead bodies are seen lying on both sides of the road… some hearses have been roaming on the streets since morning, but it becomes difficult for them to clear the road. It is simply because the number of dead bodies is much higher than cars. This scenario is very common in the Syrian city of Aleppo, which is still experiencing the bloody Civil War. Here, the helpless and innocent people have been losing their lives… and those, who manage to survive, fight everyday… the fight to survive!
Maryam has seen people dumping half-burnt bodies in hearses. She thought that her life, too, would end this way. Still, she decided to fight back. Maryam managed to reach Greece, via Africa. Upon her arrival in mainland Europe, she travelled to the Netherlands and urged the Dutch Government to grant her political asylum


Thousands of refugees take shelter in Europe every year. In 2018, the Netherlands had received 20,353 applications, seeking refugee status! Among those applicants, 2,956 were Syrians. And, the Dutch Government accepted 1,760 applications. Around 590 Syrians were granted refugee status by Amsterdam and Maryam was one of them. Some European countries, like the Netherlands, France and Germany, help refugees learn local languages so that they can explore job opportunities. The European Governments also arrange allowances for refugees until they get jobs. Usually, the refugees are provided with shelters, clothes, train tickets for vacation once a month, and supermarket cards…
Maryam Al Sari joined a private organisation, as she picked up the Dutch language, quickly. Recently, the 30-year-old Syrian lady shared her story with some (foreign) journalists there. She revealed that the ISIS terrorists had captured her husband, a few years ago. Later, a blast claimed the lives of her three children! Her life could have ended that day, too… furthermore, she had to sell herself at the port, as she was unable to pay 2,000 Syrian Pounds. However, Maryam decided to leave for Europe in search of life!


Currently, Maryam is working in a private organisation that is taking care of Syrian children. Talking to reporters, she said that she would never return to Syria, as she would not like to face the ISIS, again. Maryam recalled that the terrorists had captured more than 3,500 members of the Yezidi community in 2015. Since then, she has never seen her husband and father! To save her children, Maryam left her Aleppo residence. However, she lost them in a blast.
Maryam has learnt how to write at the age of 28. Now, she can read, write and speak in Flemish language. She admitted that education helped her rediscover herself. She might have lost her near and dear ones, but she has learnt how to move on!

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