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The Lone Voice Of Protest…

At last, Gulalai Saba Ismail has managed to take shelter in the US. Gulalai, a Human Rights Activist from Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the Chairperson of Aware Girls and the Seeds of Peace Network, recently left her country after hiding herself for nearly two months…
Upon her arrival in the US, 33-year-old Gulalai said that those two months were horrible, as she was harassed by the concerned authorities in Pakistan and had also received threats! “But, I am fortunate that I am still alive,” she stressed.
The Human Rights activist revealed that she had reached the US via Sri Lanka, as the Government of Pakistan imposed a travel ban on her. Therefore, it was not possible for her to catch a New York-bound flight from Islamabad. Her own country accused Gulalai of anti-state activities and spreading violence.

Gulalai Ismail.jpg
Gulalai Ismail

Muhammad Ismail, Gulalai’s father, told the British media that his daughter had six cases filed against her in Pakistan. “Gulalai decided to leave the country at this time because she realised that her life is under threat and she has to leave the country, otherwise anything could happen to her,” he added.
Meanwhile, Gulalai has been staying with one of her sisters in New York. She has urged the US authorities to grant her Political Asylum. She has been staging protests against Human Rights violations (especially against women and children) in Pakistan for many years…
Gulalai had formed a team with 100 women in 2014. Members of the team used to visit households in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to sensitise people about domestic violence against women and children. Gulalai has received a number of awards for her contribution to the Society!


The Pak Army targeted the Human Rights activist in 2018, after she raised her voice on behalf of the women, who were sexually abused during an Army crackdown near the border with Afghanistan. “Dozens of women had come to tell us that the incident of sexual harassment was not unique. It is systematic. It had been happening for years,” insisted Gulalai.

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