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Elections, Trump(et) & Trust

Ahead of 2020 Presidential Elections, President Donald Trump has received (what may be termed as) a huge blow, with the Democrats launching a formal impeachment inquiry against the President for allegedly urging Ukraine to investigate his Democratic Political rival Joe Biden (and Biden’s son Hunter)…
The Democrats formally launched an impeachment investigation against President Trump in the House of Representatives on September 25 on the basis of this allegation. Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a final announcement in this regard after holding a closed-door meeting with Democrat members of the House. “No one is above the law,” the Speaker was heard saying. Meanwhile, the US president rubbished the allegation, stressing that he had committed no mistakes, and the Democrats were doing all these out of frustration!

Nancy Pelosi.png
Nancy Pelosi

The US media reported that President Trump recently made a phone call to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, asking him repeatedly to work with US Attorney General Rudy Giuliani in order to investigate Biden and his son. Immediately after the White House released telephonic conversations between the two presidents, it triggered a controversy. However, the Judiciary claimed that the Attorney General did not tell the president anything about the investigation…
Democrats had launched attacks against President Trump even before the release of tele-conversations. “The actions taken to date by the President have seriously violated the Constitution. He must be held accountable, no one is above the law. The President’s conduct revealed his betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” insisted Pelosi.


Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives. More than 150 of 225 Democrat members were in favour of launching an impeachment against the president. President Trump stated that it would not be possible for the Democrats to gain political mileage ahead of 2020 Presidential Poll over his phone call to President Zelensky. The President further claimed that he had asked his staff to release the ‘unedited’ version of the conversations so that people could easily understand that it was a ‘friendly call’!
It is to be noted that President Trump had frozen around USD 400 million in aid to Ukraine a couple of days before making the phone call. However, it is still not clear whether President Zelensky was aware of the move. As per the US Federal Law, it is illegal to seek foreign assistance for US Elections…

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