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Category: Elections


People, it is said, had enjoyed the 19th Century in France quite a lot, as the French locomotives, blowing their whistles, used to run between different cities. That was a […]

A Turmoil & The Blame Game

Russia has denounced shameless US intervention in Pakistan, as the South Asian nation is experiencing a political turmoil. On April 6 (2022), spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova […]

A Matter Of 7 Acts

Ece Temelkuran, the Turkish journalist and author, penned a book, titled ‘How to Lose a Country‘, in 2019 on the basis of her personal experience. In this publication, she portrayed […]

Embracing The Appeal Of Fantasy?

Last summer, a political commentator stated that the Prime Minister’s “mission is to restore the nation’s faith in itself, to battle the ‘effete and desiccated and hopeless‘ defeatism” He added […]

Policy Of The New Chancellor

With Olaf Scholz replacing Angela Merkel as the German Chancellor on December 8, 2021, a change is on the cards, as far as Germany’s Asia Policy is concerned. The new […]

Crisis Chancellor To Step Down

Finally, Angela Dorothea Merkel (b. July 17, 1954) has decided to step down as the Chancellor of Germany! Merkel, who has been serving as Chancellor since 2005, has lost her […]

A Signal… There Will Be A Successor

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (b. October 7, 1952) had taken charge as the President of Russia in 2000 for the first time. Still, he is currently serving his zero term because […]

Position Versus Opposition?

Events following the departure of Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu after 12 consecutive years as Prime Minister of Israel were expected to be similar to Donald Trump’s after losing the Presidential Election […]

On Elected Authoritarianism & Pegasus

For a start, it may be assumed that the allegations pertaining to tapping of phone calls of Opposition leaders and journalists against the Government of India through Pegasus spyware are […]