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9/11 & A Trade Centre…

Thousands of people used to gather at his grave on 9/11 to pay tribute to the First President of the Marxist Government in Chile, Salvador Allende! Intense Diplomatic and Military Conspiracy had triggered the fall of the first Leftist Government in the Latin American country in 1973. Now, the question arises whether Allende committed suicide or he was murdered? No one knows what happened on September 11, 1973…
Chile is not only the land of football-crazy people, but also of Copper Mines, and hard workers are the real strength of the country. Chile has always been the centre of intense mass movements, with the US companies trying hard to keep control of those mines. So, the Americans have always made an attempt to install a Government in Santiago that will follow Washington’s diktat. The people of Chile staged protests against this attempt several times. And each time, the CIA successfully suppressed those movements!

Salvador Allende.jpg
Salvador Allende

People in Santiago, and other major cities opposed the US policy and took to the streets. However, they failed to overthrow the US-backed Governments! Since 1952, the CIA has successfully influenced the Presidential Elections in Chile. The situation changed in 1970. Salvador Allende managed to become the President, after winning a close three-way race for the competition. The Marxist leader was elected in a run-off by the Congress, as no candidate had gained a majority.
As the CIA failed to influence that election, then US President Richard Nixon slammed his Intelligence Officers. At a time when the global media were covering the news that Chile got a Marxist Government under the leadership of Allende, the CIA was planning to trigger the fall of the Government in Santiago. The US Intelligence Agency planned to oust the Government in Chile, through a coup d’etat!

Salvador Allende 1.jpg
President Allende at La Moneda Palace

Immediately after becoming the President, Allende nationalised the Copper mines, thus, creating troubles for the US companies. Then, he established diplomatic ties with Cuba and China! The meeting between President Allende and his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro stole the limelight, as far as the contemporary Global Geo-politics was concerned. The CIA realised that it would have to do something, fast. After reportedly receiving the ‘Green signal’ from President Nixon, the Intelligence Agency started taking the necessary steps to trigger the fall of the Allende Administration. Augusto Pinochet, the then Army Chief of Chile, helped the CIA carry out its plan! The Global Community warned the US after a Civil War began in Chile… however, Washington was reluctant to change its Policy. As the (bloody) Civil War went on with a lot of bloodshed, the Armed Forces of Chile (backed by the US Forces) cornered the Marxist Government…
Santiago experienced an Anti-government coup on September 11, 1973. President Allende delivered his last speech, vowing not to resign, even after the Army surrounded La Moneda Palace. Later on that eventful day, the President reportedly committed suicide (?) with an AK-47 rifle that he had received from Fidel Castro as a gift!

Allende with Castro

The incident stunned the international community, as the US was directly accused of overthrowing the Government of Chile, forcefully. As expected, Washington rejected the allegation. However, various investigative reports, later, revealed the US Government’s direct role in the bloody 9/11 coup in Chile…

Chile Map.jpg

It is not yet known for certain whether President Allende was murdered on that day. His body was buried, secretly. His grave was restored only in 1990. Currently, the Chilean Government takes care of the grave of the country’s first Marxist president, and one of the victims of the US imperialist policy!

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