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Category: Latin America

Text Recorded Through Textile…

Inca was the largest civilisation of the 15th Century… it was basically a mixture of technology and aristocracy. The Peruvian city of Machu Picchu still bears the imprint of technology […]

Beyond Blame & Theories…

The SARS Coronavirus was planned to be developed as a Biological Weapon five years ago! A leaked Chinese document has revealed the shocking information. Weekend Australian, the Saturday edition of […]

A Change Of Guard…

A change is on the cards in the leadership of the Communist Government in Cuba after an era lasting slightly more than six decades! No one from the Castro Family […]

All In The Course Of Time…

In that particular coastal area, one mainly comes across white sands. There are a few settlements at a distance. The presence of a huge tank has seemingly made this uninhabited […]

Another Geological Phenomenon

An inanimate gigantic figure, which has begun to raise its head from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, could change the geography of Africa, Europe and two Americas in future. […]


It is said that non-fulfilment of cherished dreams, hopes and aspirations tend to play a very significant role in human lives… the innate desire, born out of regret, becomes one […]

Phenomenon, Nonetheless!

Outstanding, legendary, one of the two greatest footballers of all time, one of the rarest of talents, but controversial… The emergence of such a character on a football ground is […]

Expanding The Horizon

A book, written in Portuguese, was in the limelight in 1970. The title of the English translation of the work was ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’, authored by Brazilian Educator and […]

Battle Tanks Will Roll…

By Christopher Lewis & Koushik Das The Global Community has congratulated Joe Biden soon after he became the 46th President of the US, defeating Donald Trump in recently held Presidential […]