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A Far-Reaching Bond?

Are we – humans – the lone intelligent thinkers in the vast Universe? Scientists, around the world, have been conducting researches for years to find an appropriate answer to it…
The Earth has received mysterious signals, many a times. However, scientists are yet to identify the senders and to reveal the existence of ‘life’ in other known planets! China has reportedly received such a signal through the world’s largest telescope!
The Earth had received radio signal, called ‘Fast Radio Burst’ (FRB), several times in the past. According to scientists, the signal came from 30 million light-years away! Now, researchers at National Astronomical Observatory of China are striving tirelessly to verify the latest signal received. However, this phenomenon is not new, as it happened in the past. Radio signals or FRBs are coming from different planets. The Chinese scientists have claimed that they had received 100 FRBs in August-September.
A senior Chinese scientist, who wished to remain anonymous, stressed that they had received many FRBs a couple of years ago, and two of them have been constantly coming since 2017. After preliminary researches, the scientists have come to know that these two signals came from a nearby galaxy that is situated 30 million light-years away from our Milky Way.

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Scientists had reportedly come across a mysterious radio signal, similar to this one, in January. According to sources close to the National Astronomical Observatory, a Canadian Telescope had received the strange radio signal! Although scientists are of the opinion that the radio signal came from a different galaxy, they are yet to locate the exact source, and type of the FRB. They had received at least 13 FRBs that time, and the source of some of them was the same! The signals came from at least 15 million light-years away, the scientists conclusively agree on it…
FRB is basically a glimpse of small radio signal. So far, researchers have identified more than 60 FRBs, and some of them have been received repeatedly. According to scientists, thousands of FRBs can be traced in Space every day because of various reasons. It may be so that a neuron star is moving very fast… or even maybe, two neuron stars get blended together. According to researchers, it is difficult to completely deny the existence of aliens life forms in other planets!
We, currently, do not have any other option, but simply to wait and watch whether scientists are able to confirm the presence of aliens, in order to rewrite the History of Science

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