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Category: Climate

From EU To Pacific: Strengthening Position

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in 25 events in Germany, Denmark and France on May 2-4 (2022) during his first foreign trip after two years. In those three days, […]

Sand & Sustainability

The world is about to face another crisis. The UN has warned the global community to save sand, saying that there would be acute shortage of sand in near future. […]

Subsidising Our Own Extinction

The Human Civilisation has become desperate for self-destruction and extinction, instead of survival. The International Community has increased the expenditure in order to bring Doomsday closer. Millions of dollars have […]

Expediting The End Of Life

Well, it is still not the time to bawl that the doomsday is fast approaching, as the core of the Earth is cooling down rapidly. A 2013 projection by Andrew […]

On The Frontline Of Climate Change

The world, it can be stated with a straight face, has stopped receiving the new generation with a warm welcome. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, a bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal, recently […]

A Pointless Comparison!

Nowadays, it is increasingly being observed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is often being referred to as the true architect of modern India. Well, this, in turn, seemingly brings forth […]

For The Benefit Of Future Generation

A huge Black Box is being set up on the Australian island of Tasmania to inform the next generation or anyone from other parts of the solar system about how […]

Development Is The Agenda

Germany, the Powerhouse amongst the European countries, maintains a strong relation with India, even after the departure of Angela Merkel from German National Politics. Germany recently sanctioned of EUR 1.2 […]