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Month: July 2019

Riham’s Childhood…

A five-year-old girl… her physical strength, one can readily assume… yet, she held her baby sister’s shirt in a tight grip as she dangled precariously from whatever was left of […]

Another Long March!

Long Shi Zhong, a member of the minority Han community, and Ba Sang Que Ba, a member of the majority Tibetan community, had fallen in love with one another, and wanted to […]

On Controlling The Population Explosion…

Giriraj Singh – the Indian Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries – recently triggered a controversy by stating that “the voting rights of couples with more than two kids […]

Affairs, A Marriage &…

She fell in love with Adolf Hitler without knowing his identity! As a teenager, she dreamt of spending her entire life with a person who, to some, was referred and […]

Life, Struggle & Art…

Well, it seemed like evil luck had embraced the family after the untimely death of her husband! When her husband was alive, Deepti Joshi used to enjoy her life as […]

YouTube, Google Embrace British Imperial Censors

by Barbara Boyd On June 5, 2019 YouTube permanently removed the video – “The Special Relationship is for Traitors” – from the LaRouchePAC Videos YouTube channel. The video presents historical facts […]

A Patriarchal Man(nerism)

Dr Chao Fengqing – a Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies at the National University of Singapore – has revealed some condemnable facts after analysing the statistics of […]

Condition, Convection & Radiation…

K-278 Komsomolets, the Cold War-era Soviet Project 685 Plavnik Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine, had sunk in the Norwegian Sea on its first operational patrol on April 7, 1989, after a fire […]

Crimes & Punishments!

Is it a crime to steal a loaf of bread for a hungry child? Jean Valjean, the character created by French novelist Victor Hugo in his 1862 novel ‘Les Misérables’, […]